This is why I linked you my website. 

This website is the public view of my ideas. It is the place where I showcase what I see and think, while allowing myself to stay outside of the box where I belong. 

If I gave you this link, it is likely because I met you through Craigslist or Meetup and you know my first name (only).

And now I would like to meet with you at the game store (or other place to play with ideas) or even to the board game meetup group itself. 

This is my way of letting you see who I am and let you examine my way of thinking if you actually wanted to. As for the board-game project 1, (Story of Project 2 — Battle of Methingham), I have not created any pages nor mentioned in blog (much?), but I’m bound to before long. 

…The blog is mostly everyday dribble, but I bet there’s a couple posts that will make you think. **I have like zero following, nor do I care about that nonsense (currently) anyhow. 

…Anyway, please comment but mind-you, I am just Undercutsyou on this site. 

And thanks for taking interest in the project. 

Saturday, July 1st, 2017 (Noon)