Recommended Websites & Podcasts

My first real search into the wonderful internet was guided by financial matters. I had watched videos and played games before, but never really researched anything on there until a few years ago. 
I stumbled across wild ideas that have helped to grow my interest further. The new views on other options (outside of the norm) of pursuing health, wealth, and happiness have inspired me beyond any of the goals that I once had. Some of these are nearly mainstream, where you may have a neighbor tell you about them, but the good ones are more hidden. 

First off, most financial blogs have tendency to actually be lifestyle guides. Yet, each have numerous nuggets of truths that need to be heard. And lots of repetition – sometimes, you must read a few dry or off-topic posts to find an essay that will morph the view of your reality. 
These will be in order of favorite as #1. And the page linked as a good starting point. Also, in the higher ranked blogs, the comments contain great information. 

Financial Blogs

  1. Early Retirement Extreme
  2. Mr. Money Mustache 
  3. Free Money Finance
  4. Financial Samurai
  5. Get Rich Slowly

A brief breakdown of my opinion of these:

  1. ERE is the greatest collage of information with the numbers and science to back him up. He is a former nuclear astrophysicist who worked 8 years and now does whatever his heart desires. There are hundreds of eye opening rants. 
  2. MMM is blog that embodies the badass and stoic nature of the man who shuns overuse of automobile while promoting bicycle riding. He will also knuckle punch you for doing dumb stuff. He also provides much technical support for his essays and he writes eloquently for an (electrical?) engineer that will punch you in the face for not riding your bike to work because you are too whiny and won’t find an apartment near your job. 
  3. FMF was the first great site that I came across. I recall him getting very technical on investing information. The information was more about knowledge than ideas. But I stopped reading this once I found ERE and haven’t been back since. 
  4. Sam has a great blog, he puts out a ton of stories. I’m not sure if he has writers. I did enjoy his story and his pages were well written with data to back his clsims. But I don’t read it anymore, it became dull to me after a few months. 
  5. GRS is one of the most popular sites and may be one of the earliest entries to the personal finance gig. There are several writers with virtually all the same mindset. This blog lines up well with Dave Ramsey’s views. 


  1. Dave Ramsey – his radio show comes on conservative talk radio stations all over the nation. The link takes you to my favorite mortgage calculator. 

Dave’s views are set in STONE. His plan never wavers because it works and he will get callers asking permission to take vacations, buy cars, buy a steak dinner, or any number of variations. But his guidance remains true to his one path to wealth. 

He was the first introduction to the idea of personal finance for me. He opened my eyes to a way out of the system. His message has some interjections of Christian beliefs. His plan works, but it is unchangeable and I do not agree with a single path to the goal. The show is extremely repetitive once you get the message, though I listened daily gor a year. 


Looked at the above calculator this week and noticed it has changed. It kinda sucks now. Use THIS calculator instead. 


This link takes you to a huge list of financial blogs and their ratings. (Courtesy of
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