Lunch Break 6/9/17

A few others are enjoying the air under the gas pump shelter. It isn’t just me for once. 

It is just as beautiful as yesterday. 

Too bad it is over. We had free lunch at work (Italian). It was pretty tasty & served to end a 60 hour stretch without solid food. 

Friday, 6/9/27, 1pm

Dominion scores…6/4/17

I won game 1. 

Mom won game 2 (below).

score: 58 to 55

I was barely in the lead until the last card, where she overtook me. I thought I was twenty points ahead. 

Look at the stack of cards on the top side, that was how large are decks were. 

6/4/17 Sunday, 10:02pm

Dominion List

Dominion (500 cards / base set)

Dominion Intrigue (500 cards / base set)

Dominion Guilds & Cornucopia (300 cards / expansion)

Dominion Dark Ages (500 cards/ expansion)

Dominion Prosperity (300 cards / expansion)



The card box should be slap full with 2100 cards. I need a belt or two to carry. Like school kids when pictures were black and white. 

…just got the Dark Ages which is *out of print at a fair price from Jolly Goblin. And with 15% off. So I bought the prosperity to fill the box to max. 
*this is on amazon, ranging $80 – 120. Crazy huh. 

5/3/2017 Saturday, 4:20pm

Crazy…edited on Tuesday from [Little Black Girl]

She climbed the brake pedal and vanished into the inner dashboard within 2 minutes of receiving her. It must have taken a half hour of calling and tapping to get her out. She ended up falling from the brake pedal area and I grabbed her. 

I had removed all the lower dashboard panels. Those three were the only ones without bolts. I had Dad on the way with tools and he pulled up within thirty seconds after I got her out. 

I was soaked with sweat, which covered her in sweat. Had to cover the box with a towel. She meowed like crazy until I turned-on Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. With that, she calmed down (I like her already). 

Got home and turned the a/c on. I couldn’t stop sweating. I laid down with the cat in the “blue room” where she’ll use for home. Laid out some sheets on the bare concrete floor. We ended up napping two hours and awoke to a still hot house. Nearly 90 degrees. 

…I had recently shutdown all circuits for an issue and hadn’t turned them all back on. Apparently, the a/c is on 2 circuits! I had only the fan & thermostat on for the last two weeks and have not noticed the lack of cold. I finally resolved that matter. 

Then we took another nap and I left the house for a bit… then again, left for a while. Both times I returned, she was curled up in the blanket-nest where I left her. Sleeping. 

…she did eat half a can of wet can food last night, before I left. I watched her poop in the litter box. She’s certainly potty trained it seems and is relaxed enough. I feel comfortable leaving her home, inside. 

I left while she was scarfing down more wet food. 

…oh and to the folks I got her from and requested an update, who I’ll link this. The name Luna is cool, but I have always had cat names as such:

  • Momma Cat
  • The Slut
  • Cat
  • Daddy Cat
  • Little Buddy

And then there was booger & snot. They were out of phase with normal nomenclature. My cats are named for who they are. Cat, he was awesome, I hung out with him a ton. The Slut… take a wild guess. 

…this kitty will very likely stay as Little Black Girl or LittleGirl.  

5/29/17 Memorial Day, 12:50pm


Her name is leaning more towards Crazy. Cause that’s what she is. Runs around full tilt, playing with stuff constantly. But she may be relaxing all day for all I know. It may be pent-up energy. She’s actually calming down now after a half hour. 

…plus, I don’t even know if she’s black. With the brown stripes as kitten camo, she may swing a different color or even calico. And I’m not feeling the LittleGirl name. Crazy is more her, for now at least. 

Here’s a good action shot. 


Chicken or Eggs?

I’ve been catching myself talking on the subject that I just wrote about. Not like it is bad, it just feels more like rote memorization. Like when an event happens and a story emerges, but then it becomes more embellished each time it is told. Suddenly, a story may become a legendary happening. I know this occurs due to our flawed perception; just look at the scene of a crime, where several people have differing plots — details are missing from each story and extra details were added or supplemented for contextual reasons. The brain wants to make sense of the event & does its thing to give [you] a unique story. 

Since I write my thoughts out, I sometimes get to type about something before I talk about it. But that normally isn’t the order of operations. I tend to only write a few words if I haven’t already planned out what to say. Then my A.D.D. kicks in as I ponder tangent ideas and flow to other topics. Oftentimes, the original subject is like a diving board and the pool is rocking fiercely. By the time I look up and realize where I’m at, I’ve drifted far from the jump site. 

1:42pm on Friday, May 26, 2017

Off my chest

I love this blog to get ideas off my chest. To release that anxiety that builds as you lie in bed. With thoughts whirling through, it is easy to find a fantastic idea that needs to be re-examined later. Since the iPhone is near, it is simple to type a story. It is neat and tidy. It allows items to clear from the brain’s short/midterm cache. But then, when like now, only the tip of the mountain can be revealed because the rest occurs in mental visions that cannot be easily transferred by pen and paper.