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The huge iceberg is reportedly the size of Delaware at 2240 square miles. 


But isn’t Delaware a tiny place? Is it even a state? I checked the map and it is. That’s kinda big I guess, but there’s nothing to relate it to, so I zoomed out and it appears the same size as:

Where 301 meets the interstate between Jesup and Hinesville (hour plus southwest of here driving), then East of 301 all the way up to South Carolina. 

…Using that back-road (301) as the western dividing line and SC state line, and ocean . . . Well that is pretty darn close to the size of Delaware. 

…….a Low Country Resident’s perspective:

(Thanks to Wikipedia)

Then narrow your view to the Chatham, Effingham, Bulloch, and Bryan counties. This is very near the size of the iceberg (2240 square miles). The size of these 4 counties total ~2,265 square miles

(Thanks to CountymapsofGa)