Nutrition could very well be lesson 1. Its importance is  significant. Yet it all goes hand-in-hand in our crazy, complex body. 

It is the most complex process to discover all the ways in which your body adapts to and benefits from different diets (or lifestyles). The process takes years of self experimentation, along with many hours of reading. Attempting a range of fad diets and your own versions of what you think works best. That is what I went through, along with experimenting with different training methods. 

The basics that I have come to believe also have a framework that would be too involved for a beginner’s guide. 

  • All grown food is great; eat lots. 
  • All meat is great; eat some. 
  • Cheese is great & bad; eat it at discretion. 
  • Dairy is to be avoided as much as possible. 
  • Water, alcohol, coffee/tea, or fresh juice are practically the only drinks you ever have. 
  • Learn to use fresh herbs in abundance. 
  • BUY A JUICER and drink lots of carrot juice. 

Details on carbs, protein, fat

Carbs from fruits & vegetables are not to ever be counted for calories. Eat as much as you can stand. Even potatoes. Eat till you burst. 

Protein is seriously overvalued by the health industry. If you eat some meat (like one pound over a week’s time) and plenty vegetables – you will easily meet your need. 

Fat is shown to increase testosterone in men. Aim for 35% of your diet at minimum. 45-50% during times of heavy training. Butter & potatoes is wonderful for this. 

That is it for basic nutrition. As far as supplemental nutrition goes, if you are in a dedicated training mode and you eat to the best of your ability in each of the above ways, then your need for supplementation goes down dramatically. 

…but my top recommendations (in order of highest priority first);

  1. Creatine 
  2. Arginine, specifically NO2 if you can afford it. 
  3. B vitamin complex 
  4. Glutamine and all the rest of the BCAAs. 
  5. Testosterone shots from the doctor. (I want to get tested). Not to be embarrassed by and not to be used in massive doses – the amount you got when you were 25 years old. 
  6. Testosterone boosters. These can be massive enhancers if you get the right product. But it is constantly being banned, so have to study the market.

Seems about it.