To get a beginner’s regime started, it is always best to establish baselines for each skill (exercise). While learning the proper form (if needed), you can also gauge overall fitness levels. 

By using Crossfit’s guide, there are 10 proficiencies of fitness:

  • Cardio respiratory endurance
  • Strength 
  • Stamina 
  • Flexibility 
  • Coordination
  • Agility 
  • Balance 
  • Accuracy 
  • Power
  • Speed

These seem to fit the overall physical demands. I’m somewhat surprised there’s no mental aspect in there. You need to find-out where your weaknesses are, test range of motion, and check flexibility for certain positions. 

THE 5×5 PLAN is the basic plan that I would recommend for beginners or those trying to break a plateau. It is basic enough that you can customize to your own agenda. 
…The short and sweet description of why this program was designed is that an ideal range for strength gains are noted while working at 4-6 reps and 4-6 sets. This was simplified to 5×5. 
…The aim is to blast a multitude of muscles through the use of compound movements – using 25 lifts at a sufficient (high) load (and intensity). *Plus warmup. 

My version of this tends to go like this [squats, in order of sets]:

  1. 8 squats with 95 lb
  2. 5 @ 135 lb
  3. 5 @ 155 lb
  4. 3 @ 185 lb
  5. 3 @ 185 lb
  6. 1 @ 205 lb

*Stretching or drinking water between sets. 

…I won’t list the full session details, but then I would followup with lat-pulldowns (pullup/chinup), seated row, and light shoulder presses (to help loosen the shoulders). This group of skills would be exercise #2. 

…Then as skill #3, I would pick one of the other groups of skills. 
All 3 sets of 5×5 can easily be finished in 20 to 50 minutes – including plenty of stretching. 



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