Mom question for you 

You get notifications via email, correct ?, when I make blog posts. Since you subscribed via email. 
Now, question is: do you see these also?
I wonder for the other type of subscription, idk what it is, CSS or something. But do they get sent the pages? Not just the blog entries. 

I Kinda dig the setup of pages, they are simple to search for. There’s no easy lookup of individual blog posts. Not in the basic iPhone app anyhow. I could easily index them all through a category system in the menu edit. Yet the blog edit hud shows as full-size thumbnails and you have to scroll through in an order of last edited date. So, if I check one out and hit edit – and do no changes, but update—the date now says the new date as published. That’s why I add my date at the bottom. I WOULD HATE TO LOOK BACK at the progression of my journey and forget the order of times. 

That would be a shame. I really hate looking for information and there’s no date of relevancy. I don’t care if it’s financial, nutrition, fitness, or what have you, there needs to be a reference to the information available at hand. We know much more now than the 80’s. Their insight can still be wonderful; I just want to have an idea of the mindset of everyone else around them. To see the other solution that was necking for the same goal, who thought their answer was correct (and very well could have been). Context is important.