The blog can start during school. You do not excel at writing, finding it difficult to write essays for Composition & Rhetoric, and wonder how you could manage creating a site. 

The answer is to begin your journey of school with a steady input of your discoveries. Even if you don’t have a major in place, the website can be used as a running storage place for your work as you learn. 

  • Bookmark helpful websites. Kept under individual categories for easy recall. 
  • All your essays for class could be published. You could easily create a portfolio. 
  • Create public, private, or password protected pages for varied use. 
  • Keep copies of all your important documents. 

As you develop through class, you’ll have a catalog of information to look back on; Instead of endless notebooks or scattered files on your desktop. 

With a blog in mind, you will be inclined to develop extra stories or informational pieces that can aid in basic knowledge or expand on your required studies. 

You may even be able to get others to add to your site. Make the site a sea of information. 

Heck, I wish I could have had pictures of all my cool models from my four years of drafting and welding classes. I was tempted to make CAD instructional videos, but never did. At the time, there were like sixty decent videos –  now, thousands. It could have been me. Either way, that still can be, and it might. 

It could be you too.