Introduction to Website

Thank you for checking out this site!

I have only recently changed this from purely a blog. I am changing the outlook for now with aims to add useful information where before was only random stories from the things that I think about and experience.

I am adding a column for the daily blog. Hopefully a widget function to the sidebar, depending how any of this even functions. My skills are sub-par within the Techno-sphere.

Perhaps it is time to learn new skills. That and finding others like you whom are wanting to put your own skills to use. I would like to build together. There is much to do and I have big plans.

I have a couple headings within the menu screen, above or to the side, please look over those few — as there will be any topics of ongoing need. A couple are queries for help while others are categories for topics and one for my daily blog. For now, the daily blog is under the title “A Path”.

Also, this page will be updated with links, as I figure-out a better layout and add information in detailed fashion.

Once again, thank you, and I look forward to working with you!!!