Illustrator Query

I’m trying to create a board game. 

The project will need several pieces of artwork to use as template images that will be used on playing cards.

I have the need for three basic images & then the backs of the cards will need its own template. 

Now, as far as questions go: 

  • I am unsure exactly how to format the pictures, much-less what software. I likely don’t have access to proper software anyhow. Adobe/corel draw??
  • Once a picture is drawn on paper, is there much effort to render or create a computer file that then may be sent to a manufacturer?
  • How much time do these processes take and what is appropriate compensation?

Email me please, and let me know what you think. If you are reading this, I very likely linked it to you. 

Thanks in advance!

Ongoing, I also have another game in works, but this one can be fairly basic with card-art and could be a great starter project for testing the waters. That is much farther from needing artwork.