I want a hybrid, really. 

I want what is not made. 

I spend a ridiculous amount of time in my vehicles. Sitting around mostly – listening to music & podcasts, drawing, talking on the phone, or whatever. I occasionally spend lunch breaks sleeping in it and fairly often fall asleep in parking lots or my own driveway at night.

…I’m in it now! I’ve lounged in the Publix lot, listening to a podcast for an hour; and spent another three hours in the driver’s seat in my own drive way. This is tonight, that’s all I’ve done.

I want a real vehicle that does what I like. 

  • Manual locks, seats, mirrors, windows, transmission. 
  • Zero beeping nonsensical noises for every time I don’t wear my seatbelt or shut a door. 
  • Total control over lights. Interior and exterior. (I want to turn them off, but can’t!!)
  • Bench seat that reclines to 180 degrees. 
  • Extended cab that the whole bench seat could lay fully reclined to flat.
  • Easily removable seats – front and rear. 
  • Alternative and small engine to produce just enough juice to run a/c, radio, etc. 
  • An “extra gear” for cruising at minimal rpm. 
  • Another extra gear for the low-end side. 
  • A proper holster in a nearer location than glovebox that is still concealed, yet quick to draw. 
  • An under-seat storage spot for the shotgun. 
  • A steering wheel that is removable. 
  • A stand for my iPhone with easy to access plugs that don’t drape cords everywhere. 
  • Easy to work-on engine that doesn’t need a computer programmer to fix or reset pointless dashboard lights. 
  • No anti-theft nonsense. (Excepting weapons and harsh words). 

Tired of all these stinking dashboard lights that don’t shut off and the short time span that the radio can live without cranking the engine for recharge. 

…of uncomfortable seats and poor ergonomic conditions. There’s barely room to sit Indian-style; my knees hit the door AND center console. Who designs this crap??!!

…when i recline at max, feet jumble under pedals. Or while using the dashboard as a hassock, the left foot has to be outside to outstretch while the right knee gets a gear shifter in the back of the knee. 

Why can’t I just go buy a hybrid V8 truck with a hybrid transmission that can both use high mpg gears like cars and the typical truck gears. Can’t you slap two or three extra gears or a modifier?

…let me pick to drive like a truck or a car. 

…it seems plausible. 

…perhaps more complex and expensive, but doable. 

I’m sick of pointless bells & whistles & warnings that fuel my rage much more than a couple twists on a window crank irritates me. I’d much rather have a car that I can leave idling — using a spare key to lock/unlock the door for a quick trip into a store. But now the car won’t even lock with a different key in the ignition. I DON’T WANT A BABYSITTER!!

2_22_2017 Wednesday, 10:28pm