In the middle of a note which was suddenly sang while thinking of hopes and dreams and burst into tears with no signs leading up to the action. Sitting under shelter from rain, soaking in my emotions now though this was not the case seven minutes in the past. Only then was I thinking of the reality that might happen. 


The moment caused by the journey of the now or the past. A Path that I travel is strange yet true. Magic is everywhere and I see the effectd day after day. I sit and think of the wonders that await and feel blessed for the comfort of now and thank the stars that I have been given peace of mind and hope to bundle with the dreams that dwell in my mind. 

The bursts of tears are more commonplace in this mood though rarely do they embody sadness. Freeing as it is, I am glad I am alone, wrapped in blankets and warm; waiting now for the puffed skin below the eyes to regain the smoothness to not cause dis-ease to strangers or coincidental meetings. No need to show the look of sadness even if the origin was joy. 

Cleansing. Tears are the transportation of energy that needs to be expressed. The abundance of emotions, as that is the real energy and that message broadcast through the tears adds dimension to your world, blossoming the seeds planted within that saline. I know these bursts of energy cleanse and project and help the flow of my energy. Frees the mind to develop other ideas or to ponder deeply into a subject until sense finally results and the flower created by the seed can be enjoyed at last.