October 20, 2017 (midnight)

I’m out here at Tybee Island. 

Here for the meteor shower. 

I have 2 fleece blankets and hoping for no rain. I’m pretty sleepy so I have alarms set for 4:00am so as to not miss it all. 

I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping to the waves a bit. 

The weather is really nice, warmish with a cool breeze. The sky is clear as glass so far. I don’t think we see them till near 2:00am or so. Not sure. We shall see!!

……….ooop it’s Saturday the 21st already!!

2am update:

Moved down from near the pier due to camera happy folks with professional flashers. This looks like a more secluded spot anyhow. 

Had just seen five or so movements before. Meteors I guess. But I can’t deal with the nonsense. 

The satellite daytime picture is a but misleading, its black as pitch out here!

I don’t think I’m sleeping until 4am or so. 

Nature counts as science — right?

I’m sorta surprised I don’t have a Nature category for blogs yet. Check out this huge craw-daddy found in my front yard — the ditch filled and he was off for better territory. 

…I almost got pinched here. 

In the video, listen to the wildlife. The bleating sounds are a sheep frog of sorts. They only frequent the yard and/or bleat once the grass grows around seven inches high. They’re basically always there. Yet another reason I enjoy an overgrown yard.