Progress finally 

It has been several months since I’ve attempted real work towards this investment project. It is just so danged depressing to enter that house in the condition it has been under in the last two years. I didn’t even take a before picture since it was so God-awful and embarrassing. 

Hired 2 guys this weekend from craigslist. The 1st on Saturday did some weed wacking and helped me clean out trash & debri. The dang wacker kept stopping on him. I figure he wasn’t babying it enough in the dense ditch grass. 

…the 2nd guy was on yesterday (Sunday). He showed with drywall tools. I only needed to purchase a spade-bit to mix the mud. He told me he had plenty of experience, saying that was his main “career”, so I gave him ample space and let him do his thing. I even left the house three times for a half hour or so on each occasion. 

…In the meantime, I was cleaning cat crap, removing construction debri, and trashing things I don’t need. 

Here are the results:

Above: vanity side of main bathroom. 

This blue room had a bed in it. I ditched it, due to fleas, cat urine, and also lack of real need at the moment.

Master bedroom (green room – not shown). That window has been blocked by the green GSB that is now attached to studs in the bathroom for a year (?). 

Other side of main bathroom, above. I’m almost ready for a plumber!

The last full room of carpet was just removed (Saturday). I swept that after the photo. 

Feels good to have progress. I plan to get the one guy back out on Saturday (if possible) to continue the gypsum board installation. And then painting can commence. 

8/14/17, Monday, 10:00am

I’m tired of stupid car problems 

Got rid of black truck due to electrical issues. Now red car has them. I have an extended warranty; will it cover issues where the window is working – only sometimes?
And why am I already having battery issues?
So irritated by this car already. 
Wish I wasn’t still 4k underwater on a vehicle. (plus another 3k to Dad). 
I’m also tired of living in such a stupid location: 15 miles from work in one direction, 10 miles from family in another direction and 10 miles past work to get to recreation. I have zero need for anything within 10 miles from my house, besides grocery food or poor restaurant food. I also have nothing attracting me to my own house except a bed and shower. 
I’m sooo ready to be done with this place; I sooo should have been gone by now. 

House Burglary 

Forgot my cell at the house. 

Came on lunch break to get. 

Left my (main) set of keys at work. 

Broke into house with my contractor badge. 

Inside within seconds. 

I should go buy a bolt lock–I have no key for mine. 

The main set of keys rarely leaves my car. But why did I bring both sets to my desk??!!

3_1_2017 Wednesday, 2:03pm


I didn’t get any fire pictures from today as the iPhone was blasting tunes to the neighborhood through my Bose speakers. 

The fire picture is last night’s fire. I sat inside to stay away from toxic fumes from the old desk furniture and bits of pvc and plastic. I have a gas mask with the pink filters that are made for breathing in areas of strong chemicals. I probably need to change the filters really – have had the same filters for a couple years. 

The other pictures show the devastation, while showing the remaining nine foot weeds. I went at it for a good six hours today. Legs are scratched all over from briars – I refused britches for this beautiful day. My face is tight from the sun and smoke exposure. I’m aiming for a good Epsom salt soak tonight when I go to Mom’s house. 

But for now, the breakfast restaurant is calling. It wants me to order grits, eggs, bacon, and pancakes with extra butter. 
…Have only had water & creatine as fuel so far today. 


Looks like there may be some pictures twice. OH WELL I DON’T CARE!!

2_19_2017 Sunday, 6:08pm

Progress, Two Weeks In

I haven’t been on the blog much lately. Haven’t even written many drafts; I wrote three things that I didn’t publish. As I’d assume not post an incomplete thought, typically. 

One of the most difficult problems to solve is to create a great ending. One that satisfies the writer doesn’t make others happy. Traditionally, in Eastern cultures, the story just stops after the act is over. There are no happy endings for everyone, they are expected to keep living with the same difficulties that were always there. 

There’s no happy ending for me, only transition. The car purchase didn’t go as planned – it saves some cash, but not much. The yard is taking over two weeks to clear – started burning on last night. The house work is virtually the same, but I have refined the plan. There is a ton to do. 

As of now, the plan is to get the whole house minus the garage and master bedroom suite in working order. Then close off the master to the public eye and rent-out one of the rooms. 

…Then with the new 500ish monthly income, start finishing the other two rooms. The garage will be converted to another master suite; giving me 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. 

That would open up possibility to rent up to three rooms while living here. Ultimately, I like the idea of using the newly renovated garage as an AirBnB room. I’d like to get exterior door locks with a resettable digital codes for each bedroom door. Expand the driveway by six foot each way to be able to stack-in a few cars. 

It all sounds pretty great. And aggravating with extra hassle of living with strangers and collecting rent checks. But it sounds wonderful to have 3 people living here, paying 500 bucks each; while mortgage plus bills total around 1150 each month with a full house – that’s getting paid $350 to live instead paying 1000 per month. 

…I could potentially rent 4 rooms out, live somewhere else, hire a property management company to take care of the place and keep the rooms full, and still barely have any costs to my living expenses. 

… …

But I still need cash for a water heater, refrigerator, *dishwasher, kitchen countertop, microwave/oven hood, door locks, and possibly a washer/dryer combo. There are many other minor things on top of all the construction work, but that is mostly labor costs to myself. I do need an electrician and a plumber to finish a few details. 

…As a quick estimate, I need 5000 bucks to have a fully functional house. To get the first room going, I need almost half of that. 

…Enough for now. I am looking out through my window at a piece of pretty blue sky and I need to go set some fires while it is nice out. 

2_19_2017 Sunday, 12:39pm

Progress, Monday 

Worked a bit late on that pressure fixture. It was a major ordeal. I managed to work through my lunch break. [It is seven:fourty-nine and I have only had a cup of coffee since pizza last night!!]; slamming down nine and a half hours with only two breaks to walk-around to relieve frustration. 

I didn’t even finish the sucker, but I have a solid profile to work with. I just hope I can pull-off an offset surface to allow for a slip fit between the mating pieces. I just need eight thou (0.008 inch) of a gap. I’m certain I can get it to work in some fashion, yet I sure don’t want to have to recreate geometry for another four hours. I NEED to be done quick. But I can’t do it wrong either; the date required is always yesterday. 

Tonight at the house: I came home to see a small red fuel can on my steps. “Thanks Dad!” I have no money for gas or can after mine went airborne in the hurricane. I just cleaned around 40% of the front, a third of the side – that grass is crazy dense and over a foot THICK, a good swath through the back area, and knocked out a bunch of those briars that have been tearing up my hands.

It couldn’t have taken more than forty five minutes and it was kind of fun. I would have gone longer – felt much closer to nine (isn’t that typical ordinance time ?). 

Hunger is coming back, maybe I just need some water. With my minimal breaks, I barely drank twenty ounces of water at work – drank more than that in my first minute of being awake. 

I want to do some work inside first though…

… need to start an LLC. 

2_6_2017 Monday, 8:08pm

Just moved a bunch of flooring to an annoying location. 

  • The spot will allow me to pull flooring to all three rooms. 


  • I will build better agility as I climb over the obstacle daily. Great for the hip flexors. 

I also have the blue room 98% ready to begin flooring installation.

Well placed obstacle.

My barely organized tool closet.

Finished up at around 9:15. 

Nice long day again. 

I feel accomplished; that is well. 

2_6_2017 Monday 9:50pm