Quick Results 

Starting on the eclipse day, my training has ramped to extremes. I’m feeling great with running, unlike times in the past and I attribute this mostly to barefoot running. It has taken months of extra walking barefoot and increasing my threshold for pain and sensitivity. The ankles still feel worrisome at times, though barely. The ankles are just an old fear from having sprained both several times. But over the last several years, I’ve gained much flexibility and greatly increased my balance — decreasing the odds of dislocation. 

Jeeze I rambled there. 

I’ve covered 18 miles — mostly barefoot. During the remainder, I had only flip-flops. 80% has been on rocky, dirt paths with nearly 5% on asphalt. Otherwise in woodlands or grass.

Today was stellar, I am beginning to sprint an eighth mile stretch (give or take a couple hundred feet) at full tilt on grass or dirt. Asphalt, concrete, and rocks are challenging yet necessary within the training regime. I’ve yet to be cut though I’ve stepped on many sharp objects; it is amazing how dexterous the foot behaves. 

Monkey bars were possible but difficult; I did a single pass and stretched a moment on the parallel bars. The two chin-ups at lunch break should be enough to stimulate the back muscles into production. It is always fun seeing and feeling the new blood in your limbs, I can feel a dramatic difference within four days of activity whereby muscles are gaining hardness by each day. Also fun to see new patterns of muscle emerge from recently soft tissues. It’s always different, especially if your training regimen is different than the previous. 


Wooooo it’s 12:30am


Progress finally 

It has been several months since I’ve attempted real work towards this investment project. It is just so danged depressing to enter that house in the condition it has been under in the last two years. I didn’t even take a before picture since it was so God-awful and embarrassing. 

Hired 2 guys this weekend from craigslist. The 1st on Saturday did some weed wacking and helped me clean out trash & debri. The dang wacker kept stopping on him. I figure he wasn’t babying it enough in the dense ditch grass. 

…the 2nd guy was on yesterday (Sunday). He showed with drywall tools. I only needed to purchase a spade-bit to mix the mud. He told me he had plenty of experience, saying that was his main “career”, so I gave him ample space and let him do his thing. I even left the house three times for a half hour or so on each occasion. 

…In the meantime, I was cleaning cat crap, removing construction debri, and trashing things I don’t need. 

Here are the results:

Above: vanity side of main bathroom. 

This blue room had a bed in it. I ditched it, due to fleas, cat urine, and also lack of real need at the moment.

Master bedroom (green room – not shown). That window has been blocked by the green GSB that is now attached to studs in the bathroom for a year (?). 

Other side of main bathroom, above. I’m almost ready for a plumber!

The last full room of carpet was just removed (Saturday). I swept that after the photo. 

Feels good to have progress. I plan to get the one guy back out on Saturday (if possible) to continue the gypsum board installation. And then painting can commence. 

8/14/17, Monday, 10:00am

I’m too sore for the 1st day of class 

But since there’s no schedule, first will yet be first. Sunday’s activities wrecked my hamstrings in a great way. It’s tough to even pull off a mild forward bend (I still mean deeper-in than palms flat on floor). 

…even my neck muscles are tight. It must, mostly, be from the sprints. Told dude at work the last was 100 yards, but it’s gotta be more like 500 feet to 200 yards. See the google map, below. All barefoot, but is that even worth mentioning. Shoes would be the odd occasion. Shoes would make me feel like I was wasting my time. I ran first, too see the action around the corner, just a bit. There were firetrucks all around but no smoke. Had a couple folks ask if I knew, they said they already snooped and saw nothing. So I went further around, quicker, and it was fun. So I did a couple little tiny sprints on sidewalk. 

…back to Forsyth, some random guy with his outfit, a heart regulator, shoes, and normal routine is jogging along. I decide to sprint for real and gun it past him. A good little clip of a few hundred feet, and I slowed a bit too quickly. It felt like a bit of the sole of my foot may have peeled up. But no. Totally fine minus a slight abrasion where there was a grinding halt on the sidewalk. I feel like an Indian saying so, the ground barely touches your feet until you slow down then it scrapes if you do so too suddenly. But only on rocks like asphalt and concrete. And even then, you grow into the activity. 

…I could so continue that barefoot rant and I want to, but yeah. I am lazily sitting in a parking lot where I allow half of what I think to flow quickly through my fingertips, watching folks hurry through the rain, to grab groceries, then hurry out to quickly leave and get in stupid traffic that is twice as bad in the rain and I don’t want to do that. 

…I’m also sitting in a metal box, insulated by rubber footings, and comfortable to such a degree because I’m fairly confident in the technology that has been incorporated to its design. 

…but I do have a car I will still very likely lose, a mortgage/house that has been in crisis mode for three years, the cat wants to eat, and I’m full-filling self promises that I really can’t afford. 

…then “we are sitting on a rock hurtling through space” “and it’s spinning” as joe rogan constantly says. And there’s unknown meteors that may strike anytime. I’m okay. I’ve actually been wanting to ditch my vehicle for quite sometime, and who can afford to sell a car/truck when it goes immediately underwater upon purchase, then a year of no employment. No complaints, I’m fine. But that stupid ongoing payment, life drag of 400 then 100+ insurance then 2-500 gas. I’m sick of it and it’s impossible to get out of without a break. A pay increase. That may be coming. Who knows, I’m fine without, but I think even with this cashout of my BX stocks (and its 30% gains!!), I am so far behind that I would need to immediately get a new job/raise and I feel no traction at the current job so that I could beg some cash out of them. I’m well over 2,000 in debt to mortgage/car and I really need to hang on to dad’s truck for a couple months while my car gets repo’d from the Chevy place. I owe chevy 113$ so that’s retarded, but I want to just go pay; clean all my crap out; and call the bank and tell them I’m a piece of crap. So that sucks, but then go lookup REALLY DON’T LOOK — You cannot unsee things like this. Lookup Tibetan Sky Funeral. It is an insane method of disposal of a corpse (loved one). 

… I’m excited about the whole gaming creativity project and really want to continue, even if I sideline, woopity do. That just means I’m obsessed or depressed but hopefully just obsessed with something new. Ahh the rain has fully stopped, I shall ride like an old lady on the wet road, with all the idiots, oh joy. 

7/25/17, 7:03pm

Holy Lightning Batman

The lightning struck within a quarter mile just as I opened this blog post to type the title. I’m in the old white truck amidst a raging thunderstorm, parked in front of the Dixie Crystals Sugar Refinery (I think). A small patch of white cloud ahead, but there went seven more bolts of electricity. 

Prepare to call me sempai. I joined the kungfu place for 1 month. The owner did attempt a SIX MONTH CONTRACT. Yet I declined and began to walk away. I asked about uniforms already and that is required (a ghee?? I dunno). That’s 45 bucks. Ehh I’ll pass on 50 bucks extra for a silly pair of pajamas. 

…she called me back, saying she’ll allow me a month off of contract and no worry over the costume for this month. 

…so I’m game. It’s more cash than I should be spending, but I’m in need of this. Three/four years ago, I said I’d try yoga a couple months after I gain flexibility enough for palms flat on the floor in a forward bend. That took a year perhaps. Now I can stand on tip-toes while doing the forward bend and lay palms to floor. Yet the yoga never happened. 

…Last year, I decided that if I lasted another year of fairly frequent bostaff training, I’d enter some form of martial arts. I’m interested in several forms, but I have always been most attracted to the idea of kungfu and its ways. The wing chun style of defense through resistance and offense with minimal force is a style that I could work with. 


Eh, I ditched that spot; it is now tomorrow and I’m on lunch break. There is a possible job lined up; I am awaiting another call while I prepare my resume. The company has been emailing me every few months for two years, but after they didn’t hire me previously and I recall there payrange being slack, I haven’t cared. 

…he says the pay is likely doable as suggested. Though I’m still low-balling myself a bit. 

Started reading Walden. Henry Thorough or something–w/e his name is. Only 7 pages in. It’s about his story and views while living at Walden pond in his handcrafted log cabin while in his 30’s I believe. 

…not saying I want to do that persay. It was funny though, my cubicle buddy at work was looking at RVs, campers, & buses for me haha. He’s like “I’m serious, this is perfect for you”. Yeah, I know; I’ve been dreaming for a bus for years now. A short-bus would be perfect actually. 

…now it’s tator time (tummy growls at that idea!!)


Check in the mail for $416. Details in picture below. 

Not bad for under 1 year. That’s nearly 35% in profit. I would be happy for that in any year in this same economy. I wish it could remain, but I need it to save my mortgage. 

…back to CATIA…7/25/17, 3:25pm

Fix the Fix

I am supposed to be quitting tobacco this weekend. I am not excited about this. I am very anxious over the proposal, but I need to do this. 

I have the valium ready. This is a long weekend. But I want to do my normal activities and I know that isn’t possible while either quitting or while on downers. 

…So it is all or nothing. Quitting is a major step towards financial stability. Not even going into health benefits and the costs associated with continuation, the habit costs a crazy amount that is embarrassing to say. ~250 month wasting on that stuff is silly, but true. Along with the recent reduction of the cell bill by 40 and 70 by loss of Comcast, I will once again be back into the black with my monthly budget, instead of the estimated (avg) 200 month into the red

…it really is the game changer that I have been waiting to play. 

…i just really don’t look forward to playing this card. 

Breakdown of what this could mean: I could do any of these things with that 350 per month:

  • Wing Chun for 100/mo + my cohen gym membership (20) + 230/mo toward old bills to catch up proper amounts 
  • Golf club membership with a friend and get good at golf + 100/mo towards whatever 
  • 350/mo towards remodeling the house 
  • 350/mo towards catching up on bills and then beginning another emergency fund

I really want to do all these things, but I really doubt I’ll do the golf any time soon. And the non-fun stuff will certainly be mixed in there. And I really want to try the wing chun for a couple months to see if I can enjoy group training. I have always avoided group training, but martial arts have been calling my name pretty loudly for a few years and I need to quit ignoring the call. 

    ……….woooooooo it is late!!

    **may be near 210 or so, but I bet it really is near 250…I don’t track my finances. 

    5/24/2017 Wednesday (Tuesday night) 1:38am


    Woooo. Finally!!

    (again) it isn’t my first time, but I’ve had it for nearly a year. I followed the instructions found through this link. 

    It was actually pretty quick. I stayed overly polite through the duration. I got MAC address numbers for my digi box and modem. I need to verify that these #’s match my equipment. I was quickly transferred to the appropriate phone person (not billing; I forget the name; it is in the link). This person asked every single question that the link [thanks! to billfixers.com] says Comcast would ask. Where I gave the perfect answers to. I had a slight conversation with the operator. And it was done. 

    Now, I await a box to arrive to ship my equipment to Comcast (with) and hope for smooth transition. I also hope that the billing will be as stated: last bill in two weeks, pro-rated to ~$33.00. And not a recurring nightmare on my bank auto withdrawl. Because Comcast is known for that sort of nonsense. 

    Either way, it is a great step towards reasonable living. I already lowered my cell bill — where data is now unlimited. So, having wifi is pointless assuming reception/quality is agreeably the same. I had plans to enjoy Destiny 2 on PS4, in a couple months, but I can still take my tv and console and 50 foot ethernet cord to a friend’s house for a LAN party and really nerd it up.

    My TV has been unplugged for 3 months?? I don’t know, it’s been a while. I only used the lame digi box once. Whatever. I miss Netflix occasionally, but there’s an iPhone app for that. I got headphones. 

    As conclusion for the Comcast (until followup blog):

    The site suggests to say you are leaving the country… err moving there… out of Comcast’s sticky little fingers. 
    …if anyone asks… I’m moving to England next week, but I have no idea what part of the country……and I have no plans as to my return…

    5/23/2017 Tuesday, 7:22pm