November 20, 2017 (2) remorse

So, yesterday I ate. 

…I lasted two days in the previous fast. Kinda pathetic really. I didn’t really even want to eat. 

At the park named Forsyth, I sat in the car and planned the afternoon. Saying, “if the juice store has wheatgrass, I’ll buy a double-shot” and “if they’re out, perhaps a juice.”  

Brighter Day has stopped carrying wheatgrass. Ughhh, okay, I’ll be back in a half hour. 

…yet I remained in the park with the other girls who came around doing yoga also. I lasted an hour and a half it seems. And then the deli at BD was closed early!!! Double-Ughhh!!!

“Well now what? Do I eat? I’m pretty hungry after the smelly bacon and the soup scents in the deli.”

So, I then thought: I will go weigh at Kroger, on the industrial scale, and if I’m down to say 196 lbs. — I will eat. 

there’s no scale… Ughhh…I ended with light popcorn and a drink and something. It was all under 1,000 calories. Not bad. 

…though at Huddle House, after visiting church, I got the MVP. Ate waffle & syrup, eggs, grits, biscuits & sawmill gravy. Gave the bacon to Dad. 

It sits like crumbling bricks in the bowels. Immediately, the sensation of bloat is acknowledged. The crash of sugar and bread wasn’t too awful after years of trial & error with diets, but it still was not pleasant. I lounged in the sunshine at an abandoned parking lot and let my system settle before moving onward. 

Later, an hour or such ago, I had the desire to eat. To eat junk. Out of curiosity — more than from any other reason. Curious to see how a food would set in the stomach. Ending up with cinnamon toast: heavy butter & honey in place of sugar on white toast. Delicious

…I am practically sick now. I would puke it up if it weren’t such a vile act. 

…I am too interested in the study of it all. I must push the boundaries to these things, but I already knew what the results would be. 

So… why — then?

Truth is my aim. Insight is the goal. Wisdom through discovery and trial. These things are what I crave. The food is only the tool. 

My experiment needs to be carried out to s full scale version. I need to push my borders and discover new limits. I already have known that breaking a fast too quickly is dangerous — and since I always push that line, I fear that coming off a long fast needs a more controlled exit plan than is in the current. 

…during the fast, an environment of peace surrounds me  — to such a degree that I can watch others eat. I can watch them eat delicious food; food that I am attempting to fully abolish from my diet (meat). I savored the scents and tried to chat. 

…Yet nobody will just let you watch. They prod you to eat. “You sure you don’t want the bacon?”

……give me a break and stop asking!!!!!

…of course I want the bacon!! Bacon is one of the best smelling foods in the world. But I cannot sit here and allow you to trample on my intentions. I’m not practiced like a monk and I am not disgusted by meat-eaters — I just don’t want to have to keep bending the truth. Cause the answer yes or no does not fit the bill when you ask, “are you sure you don’t want any bacon?”

I’m a LIER if I say no. 

…I will want to eat it if I say yes. 

…just respect my initial answer and quit harassing me to eat the cute little pig — even if she is delicious. 

Far as the fast goes, I’ve been aiming to leave the area for this reason: to fast in peace. It really is difficult enough, alone. It is much much more difficult when people want you to eat. 

…I also have zero desire to explain a reason for my actions unless you have actual desire to gain insight from my experience. 

…It isn’t obvious by looking at my lifestyle, but I loathe wasting time and breathe. It is miserable to explain a topic that is dear to my heart as idle chat. My answer will take an easy twenty minutes before I make any sense to you. An hour before our perceptions cross and much longer for connection.

……if this is attempted after two days of zero food in the tummy, then I am likely in a place of calm and will be willing to chat. But I’m not practiced in explanation of these things. The balling-up from several branches of reasoning, to concoct the whole story, and staying on topic, and having diagrams, drawings, pictures, and other resources does take a long while to do.

…I’ve watched probably 3-500 hours of YouTube videos over two months and listened to an additional array of podcasts covering another 50 or so hours in the same span. Along with years of other topics to add to my devotion of understanding. 

… the conversation wouldn’t be short. Or rather, I may scare you. I think I scared a guy on Saturday actually. I told him of the variety of topics. But we were cut short due to time. And he was already nearly on my vibration. 

Enough for now, think I may sleep a bit. 

2:30am, early Moonday morning 

November 18, 2017 (1)

Not sure if I want to eat. 

…guess that means that I should not do so

Fasting is weird. I have been wanting to do so, again, because I never did my full fast. Whatever full is — I ain’t sure. I did 4 days or 3 in CO on the first trip. I did a 3 day fast on the 2nd CO trip. I’ve done a few days on a few occasions since then. Water Fasting, that is. 

… I barely even count juice fasting right now. Though I’ve had another few days of that. 

…I haven’t eaten meat in some odd 3 weeks and I passed-up on delicious bacon that was grass-fed, organic, blah blah for the super-extreme-diet-that-really-works!! I know I missed out on last night — but I was near the 24 hour mark and didn’t want to stop. 

……the bbq at Forsyth, someone’s picnic, smelled great too, not overwhelmingly delicious like the bacon. 

……fast food restaurants are back to smelling disgusting to me. That is one reassuring observation, though a milkshake sounds tasty right now. But worth it? — meh, I barely even wanted to drink the coconut water that I had. Does a 100 calorie bottle of coconut water break a fast? —technically, I’m not sure, but I’m saying no.

…………but it did bring me a bit of hunger after drinking. Or is it due to the fast and thirst??

It’s 4:20, gotta go!!

Engineering questions regarding juice press manufacture

I want to create a simple hydraulic press (up to 10,000 lbs) for juicing. 

A is the pan of a thousand tiny holes. B is the plunger. (NOT to scale)

Both A & B could be made in any way, but if I were to CNC the pieces from a metal — what all needs to be done to it afterwards?

 And what options do I really have?

I’ve always seen “food grade” stainless steel, but is that a designation when buying material or the processes which treats the metal during manufacture?

My initial questions:

  • If I were to manage to get our machinist where I work to CNC the surfaces on which food is in contact, (besides standard soap & water), how do you wash to remove all oils & such that had contaminated the metal?
  • Is there an actual “food grade” metal that should be used?

Other questions are as such:

  • Is there process that needs to be done to harden for pressure?
  • How thick to resist pressure?
  • How thick to resist pressure & fatigue long term?
  • If I used pipe (welded to) plate for a plunger assembly, are the same processes applicable for cleaning?
  • What is the preferred grade of cress to use for the application? Or would alluminum suffice for the project?

The design is very basic. Mash the pulp of fruits/veggies, which is held in a mesh pouch, by a plunger. This slowly forces juice through the drain holes with 5 tons (max) of pressure. 

The press needs a gearbox possibly to slow the speed of the press. As you don’t want to release the juice quickly. 


Thanks in advance to the engineer who I’m asking this to!!

5/7/2017 Sunday, 12:46pm

The response: 

“You would probably want 18-8 or 18-10 stainless.”

I will query him again, after I do my own research and/or ask another guy. 

5/7/2017 Sunday 10:25pm

Email query to 

Fresh Harvest website

Hi. You don’t mention your delivery range. I am in Savannah. The baskets look great, but I really just want bulk carrots & beets for juicing. Perhaps other stuff too, later on. 
I’d love to get around 200 pounds in a go, (for a full week of 2 gallons per day). 
Could you assist?

Wish I could do this every day. 

Peter Rabbit (red) & Carrot Stalker. 

Though that was a BUNCH of juice to drink, especially when drinking it slowly, swishing for digestion. 

Hopefully this will help. I usually buy the type that you take before eating, but they were out of stock again. These are taken after eating. 

I heavily researched digestive enzymes previously and had come to find the other version of their enzyme had a great allocation of enzymes according to research. Then after seeing real results – never tried this kind. The other type has a whole separate combination of different enzymes to pre-activate the digestive process, whereas these spike bile production. You can tell by seeing Hydrochloride as the largest ingredient. 

4_1_2017 Saturday, April Fool’s, 5:37pm