Dream Quest you bring such agony and excitement 

I made it to LORD OF THE DREAM!!!

Wow, my deck was amazing. Just before him, I slayed each enemy with merciless slaughter. The Lord quickly slit my wrists and sent me writhing to the floor in a bloody heap. 

Here’s what the last stage looks like:

My stats and deck pre-boss:

…check out the double Curse of Doom & Prayer of Wrath with a piety to speed them along. Double Mahamat, double Circle, Mana Swell to double any spell and Invisibility for ultimate dodge ability. I had Elemental Shroud and several spells to give shields and heals. 

…what a rush. This game was one where I died at stage 2 and decided to replay for 500 gold. That is a big risk, sometimes it takes hours to raise 500 points!! But then I made it to the final stage, the rooftop of the 3 level dungeon, or is it the basement, only to die a quick death. It’s the 2nd time I’ve made it to him. Both times with the Monk class. 

The Lord has crazy demands that stack and I really am unsure how to defeat him. I must query the google one of these hours. But not now. Take a look at the list of demands:

…the 2nd stacks with the first. 

I had to retreat and try a 2nd time:

Look at that list of demands. Like, come on, I can’t play cards with the letter A??? Really?? No action cards. Ughh. That was actually attempt 1. 

There’s attempt 2. “Can’t play cards with letter D”, that is both of my epic Curse of Doom cards. Ughhh then I died. 

…but how bout that score!!

Does that say 1 damage on The Lord hahaha, didn’t even scratch him!!!! Hahaha

Back to the road. Stopped at a rest area on I-20 for an impromptu yoga session. Must drive another hour to see ole cousin. 

9/9/2017 1:42pm

August 1, 2017

Last night was class 2 of my wing chun. The class was 6 + sifu. I was mated with the 2 fellows who had 7 years and 10 years experience.

It was awkward for quite a few minutes of the second phase of lesson. As we were paired off, facing each other; one would be the aggressor and the other as defensive. But I couldn’t figure out the movement. I screwed up the first fifteen times. They seemed to wonder if I was slow, but then it just clicked and I could see what the point of the exercise was. 


No Notes

Here I sit on this hot day 

…in the truck to waste away

…because there I bake

…with no notes to take. 

The poem must stop as I’ve lost the will to further rhyme. It sucks to get out to my relaxing spot and realize there is not a sketchpad and pen waiting for me. It’s lunch time — I’ve already changed to shorts only and I’m parked in my new chill spot. I have ideas to scribble. I need to get it down before it passes. 

It is tempting to skip the Thursday game night group. No one ever applies a yes/no to the meetup group, nor are they regular like me. But I realize, if nothing, the game store has nice tables setup in a fairly quiet room. Where I could dream over gaming design. 

I just hope that one kid does not show up. Grrrr, I can’t stand him. Nerdy, long-haired fellow with the problem of half-telling the rules to games. He watched me roll for the totally wrong thing the last time…I got what I wanted (you really don’t want to play dice against me) and finished rolling. I went to update my stats — he stopped me — “you can’t do that”. 

you just watched me roll for that (I aimed for 5 hearts). I got 3 hearts and 2 dmg (to him). And I was clear with my goal. Every roll saying I’m aiming for hearts!!

“I told you before starting”

oh, you mean the stuff I told you I’m not going to remember, because I don’t listen (can’t listen) to the instructions. Because that’s why I told you that. 

…and you watched/heard me say what I’m doing. And you just let me do it anyway. Okay, sure man, your game, whatever dude, hey your turn. 

“I didn’t know you didn’t know. ”

Your turn. 

(Not verbatim, but I did say all italics)

He also did some other sneaky stuff and refused to attack his girlfriend much. Yeah, SHE won. I really don’t like or respect guys that are “nice guys”. I have zero respect for you; I don’t care your motive, there is rarely a good reason to let a girl beat you because you’re afraid to beat her.

…lil bastard, I wanted to choke him for a moment. Not murder, just enough to show him the annoyance he is causing everyone else. 

…ahh the sweat is beginning to drip after forty five minutes of shade. That story must have fired me up!

7/20/2017 3:05pm

Prototype on the way

I traded mom groceries from the store for an amazon order of blank playing cards. She also ordered a folding game board that is also blank. 

SPR is very well on the way toward a complete game, but I still haven’t gotten to playtest the latest ideas. The plan is to do this today. Yet, this house has too much chaos to even sit and think. 

Here’s the pictures:


Dominion scores…6/4/17

I won game 1. 

Mom won game 2 (below).

score: 58 to 55

I was barely in the lead until the last card, where she overtook me. I thought I was twenty points ahead. 

Look at the stack of cards on the top side, that was how large are decks were. 

6/4/17 Sunday, 10:02pm