Blankets to Savannah’s Homeless

I would like to extend an invite to anyone willing to join in on giving a blanket to one of our homeless folks in Savannah.
I plan to go on Saturday, October 7th, in the area of downtown Savannah. I want to give a blanket to an unexpecting person who could benefit from the gift. 

…The first time I did this was several years ago. During a late walk at Forsyth, I felt drawn to give away the (door prize) blanket that I received at a Gulfstream Christmas party. The man I gave it to was sitting silent on a bench, huddled up for warmth, and I had this extra blanket in my backpack. 

…The man was certainly surprised and had a difficulty in thanking me, but it was understandable. I did not require thanks anyway.

…You (too) will notice that thanks isn’t needed, as you will gain a great spike of joy. 

I can provide more details as to plans if anyone would like to join me.