Backyard Landscaping 

This is my plan for planning. 

I told Mom I might sell my house, then I heard a podcast on permaculture. Which I’ve known vaguely about already. So I’ve been studying a bit and thinking about it along with the house. 
And a podcast on AirBNB. 

  1. I can fix the house and rent a room as a ‘regular’ weekly/monthly plan for a engineering contractor. Around 500 bucks. 
  2. Attempt an AirBNB listing and rent another room. Around 50 bucks per night. Not sure on Rincon’s potential, but I’m willing to try it. **maybe 200 bucks. 
  3. Ready the soil areas for the planned trees. 
  4. Begin growing produce that requires minimal attention & investment, like trees and grapes. The items that won’t produce in less than two years. 
  5. Prepare the rest of the soil with earthworms and (fermented tea?) the bacteria based mixtures to ramp up the colon of the soil.
  6. Build paths between the areas. 
  7. Begin planting smaller things that have to be coordinated by their growth patterns and nutrient needs, so that they feed off each other. 
  8. Get some honey bees at the back of the yard, by the wood line. 
  9. Etc….i’m bored, gonna go wack some weeds or move toilets. 

I have been attempting to look into permaculture, but I have been inundated by useless information. There’s plenty sites that look promising, but then it was to sell a training course or a book. 
What I need to find out is what plants work for sure for this area.

  • Starting with trees. All fruit or nut trees. Space them around the perimeter. 
  • Then grapevines. Six feet in the air, tied to & wrapped around steel braided cables. 
  • Next, the medium sized bushes and small trees are spread around to sit under the larger trees. 
  • And the assortment of growth around – all of this should intertwine to feed each other with nitrogen balancing and such. 

Personally, the permaculture idea sounds great as a low-upkeep fashion of farming. Once you get the base going, much of it keeps itself going. Cycle of life and all. Fruit trees are great to have. Pears were all around, growing up & even though I barely like them, they were awesome for pear tarts. It’d be cool to have a variety of oranges, apples, and nut trees.

I need to measure the yard for playing on paper.