I bought into the site so that I can learn how to create websites. I plan to make use of this website to learn about it.

$99 bucks in, and I expect a few more, soon. But not bad for an investment or tool of creative destruction.

As of yet, I have very little coding knowledge. I began to read several books in anticipation of the program. I sit to learn and then I just want to create something. I need to have a project to work on.

The only way that I will figure out how to use the required information is to jump in and try to create a program, a website. What do I really need to know to customize this site into a fancy delight?

Goals for this site is to use this as a database of my other projects. I plan to use this site as a storage link between my software program.

My first project is to build a calculator for financial forecasting wealth amounts. The idea behind it is that you could breakup each month into individuals (by option) ratios and add keywords to the program, so that they can be searched and tracked.

This could counter with a graph aimed at depleting cash-flow and wealth gains by way of regular bills, extras, discretionary spending, etc.

-update 11/5/2016-

I’ve veered away from caring about coding. I’ll get back into one day. There’s just not much active community for it in my locale. There is a promising Meetup group that I joined and attended, but once monthly meetings is too lax for me. I learn in bursts and need more support in startup than 1:365 interaction time that this setup can provide.