The goal of this site is to absorb views of my own while I explore this world. 

Initially, there was an intention to learn coding by using this website as a launching point, but this is not a goal currently. 

The cheesy line above is the easiest way to say this website is both totally pointless & wide-open to be whatever I eventually want it to be, while being a journal of whatever I’m going through or random activities that interest me. Which is great cause I loathe being locked down into a commitment. 

Ultimately, this site could be a personal finance type of lifestyle blog. Only because I am very interested in the topic, but (!) this is years away – due to lack of results sofar. I have yet to begin. 

My goal as of the last couple years is to become invested enough to have all my standard expenses covered by expendable interest earned by my savings. I plan to have this ready within eight years. The plan started a year ago and I have barely gotten the cash ball rolling yet. But it is still very much on track. 

Biographical details:

Looking back, my ambition was very limited until I was over thirty years old. Before then, I had fun and I worked hard in the least managed role possible, as in subcontractor positions. 

It took the combination of learning a trade (welding, TIG specialty), then learning another trade (drafting/CATIA designer), and meeting a loved one to finally come out of the fog and imagine again. 

She helped me get out from within an emotional shell; I remember that moment – I balled my eyes out when it happened, sitting in the car, pulled off the side of the road in Atlanta traffic. 

As that relationship crashed and I quickly gained a close friendship with a coworker who changed my life again, in a major way. She introduced me to astrology and its significance (real or imagined is still profound) on differences in individuals and personalities. And to be “the non-politically correct pink elephant in the room” the girl who changed my perspective on race. She was beautiful and a very close friend for over a year. My personal views have achieved back-flips in the last couple years. Not that I was ever raised to be racist, just to not cross boundaries. And just like her – she told me it wasn’t really allowed or accepted in her family. That abruptly ended around another key time. 

–throughout that experience, I had been doing extensive reading into personal finance where I became aware of how to live in the way that I had always really expected. 

And that would be free of worry. 

I am now in the phase of building-up aerospace design experience in order to soon turn that experience into a richly income, whereby allowing me to save a butt-ton of cash as investments while I live fairly minimalistic. 

The next phase of butt-ton of investing begins as the typical good contract CATIA aerospace job (hopefully with per-diem) with 3 to 5 years experience will pay in the range of 38 to 60 bucks per hour and often allow 60-84 hours per week of work, therefore paying an exorbitant amount of cash. Along with a fairly minimal lifestyle that includes a modest car that doesn’t get driven much, lots of biking, and living near work. 

Then the next pay jump is 5 years exp with the $55+ for that mark. That will be the true cash farm time. 

Coincidentally that is also the proposed time to quit working for “the man”. 


Updated on 1.4.2018:

I have basically spiraled down and up. Within the whole kundalini aspect. 

I am soon starting a YouTube channel to reflect my side. I will update at that time.