Today’s plan for a healing session

Waiting twenty minutes on a vehicle. Get mom’s car and head to Forsyth Park to meet a new person. The young lady reached out just after I posted about looking for a person interested in a free healing session. Awesome!

That was yesterday. Today, I prepared by crafting a sigil and readying a drawing for REM. Should light her up good! Start everything nicely. I’ll try to remember to add a picture before using it.

Then after talking, we’ll likely continue after the REM technique with a bit of Reiki and shamanic cleansing. Then do some NLP.

Depending how all that goes, do more Reiki, cleansing, toss in a gemstone or 2, and use the crow feather. Finish up with a 2nd (or 3rd) REM session.

I love mixing it up and using several techniques at once. Crystals, they can hold (easy). I can do hands-on healing while talking through the NLP, after explanation. The REM takes 2 minutes flat… 5 at most.

I believe that we can stir up pockets of energy with the NLP, while images are being modified. That energy should be able to be cleansed with the Shamanic Cleansing techniques. I want to try that more. I’ve already seemingly done this once.

Time to prepare. About time to leave.


Mon, Nov. 25, 2019


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