NLP Story of Tight Rope

Here is a story that a healing session surfaced while using NLP to analyze a memory.

Starting with a little conversation, I soon began using Reiki or energy healing around her head. Once she received a bit of light, focusing on opening her crown and third-eye, I transitioned to her feet.

I explained the NLP process of working with the hologram around us. Explained how to interact with it and showed the types of commands we would use (it’s all similar to an iPad). Then headed towards an opening. It began at her feet.

I asked about her toes that appeared to have arthritic troubles. Her answer led to discussion and then to a memory. The memory of “lighting matches in a basement” with intent to gain attention. It brought tears through realization.

Gently prodding forward, I asked her to put her finger on the image. Grab it with both hands and look at it in front of her. “Draw a frame around the image and hold the edges with your hands”.

She saw an image of a tissue with snot in it.

Then, upon request, she resized the image. She pulled outward on the frame and the image transitioned to a “selenite wand” (a gemstone that absorb energies and does not need to be cleansed or saged).

We then got her to stretch it larger. The selenite wand became a Broom. During all of these iterations of images, she elaborated for minutes at a time. Emotions showed in all forms. She began to get lighter for the next several transitions.

She laughed and joked about being able to defend herself. That she twisted the stick off of the base. “She didn’t have to be the only one hurting now!”

I guided her to turn the picture up over her head. Hold it up above and see how emotions differ and how the image morphs.

She was suddenly in a circus act! Walking tightrope, balancing the stick over her head, (explaining how dance training allowed this ability), smiling, laughing, dancing on a wire. She grinned nicely…

…She pulled the image higher over her head and wider. She opened her eyes for a second and I showed what I meant. She closed her eyes and entered her imagination.

She could see a person on the other end of the wire watching, waiting, holding their hand out. Could not see who it was, “but they had always been there”.

After a moment of holding that pose and cherishing that emotion, I asked her to pull the image down (like a hoola hoop) and wrap her body with it. Setting it on the floor. Or put it on like a robe.

In there, she was in her bedroom asleep. Her mother was at the door watching her. A moment later, her father showed up, behind mom and leaned on the doorframe and began to cry.

She’s never seen her dad cry. It pulled some tears out of her and as she settled, we moved the image over her head, and in front once again for viewing.

We talked about the preferred location for the image. (I’m pretty sure we pulled up a secondary image, modified it, placed it, and came back to finish this. But, I honestly cannot recall!!!)

We guided the image back to wrapped around her and at her feet.

Afterwards, she received a bit more Reiki healing, some aura cleansing, and we wrapped up with a 2nd R.E.M. Healing.

She got a lot and has since asked if crying the day afterwards is normal and what to help it.

Drink water. Cry more. Find a good song and clap to the beat! Clapping removes tons of negative energies.

This was an enjoyable experience. She was a delight and I look forward to a second session soon!

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