NLP Story of Dolphins

Recently gave a session of NLP to a visitor at a friend’s house. I explained the concept & led her into the process.

Her initial image was from a dream about flooding. She was outdoors and flooding occurred. So, I asked her to point at the image.

The image was behind her, over the left shoulder. She grabbed it with both hands, awkward & uncomfortable.

I requested that she pull it to the front of her. Then got her straighten her body. She held it like a steering wheel. Was very uncomfortable looking for about 2 seconds.

She quickly eased up. I asked how she felt and if the image changed. She answered that she was on a beach.

I guided her how to move the picture around, making it smaller & larger, over the head, then pulled down (to wrap around body) to feet. Throughout all these iterations, the image morphed. She saw additional people, learned new perspective of prior circumstance, & experienced that scene in a whole new way, but she was still anxious.

There were “sharks in the water”.

(That could be fear of going into the water OR fear for those already in the water).

So, I said to “take your fingers and zoom in on the sharks” and get a closer look. She did so.

“They’re dolphins”.

Oh, just dolphins. I confirmed. I helped her laugh it off a bit.

We did more.

A little Reiki. Cleansed her aura a bit and used the R.E.M. technique once.

Her whole demeanor settled down after the dolphins comment. So I can feel safe to end my story there.

12:12, November 24, 2019

A little note, below.

(Now, writing this), I go into delirious laughter and tears just thinking of it. Earlier, it struck me and I became hysterical for ten minutes. Decided to write the last couple stories here. With more detail than Facebook. Hysterical, laughter to tears. What a rush!

I have found amazing results with the NLP process and it amazes me to not only see the results, but to hear the stories of new realization along the way. The sessions are somehow led by a higher intelligence. I guide through the options as I tap into the process.

Some folks talk a bunch, while others are quick. Many sessions are compounded by finding more pictures to investigate. Leaving one and working with another. Then coming back to the first.

It’s interesting to get them compounding and having three images up at once or stacking one inside another or slapping them into the pain spot they came out of!

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