NLP Discovery

This story had me in a bit of a delirious state earlier. It prompted me to write the other NLP story. I sat here and laughed madly until I came to tears and laughed more. I often think back to the folks I have met and this being very recent, has once again expanded on the capability that I see in this new amazing avenue of healing using the NLP hologram of images, colors, changes, and possibility.

I got stuck at “possiblity” because I was flooded with words. My mind went nuts for a second. From a few videos on YouTube, once again, I have unlocked a new opportunity with nearly instant results to unblock wellness & clear ailments. The results get grander with each usage. The capability to change mindset is incredible.

I used it on myself yesterday. Half-knowing if I was even doing it correctly. Barely able to see an image, color, or anything, but went along as I talked myself through the routine. As I finished, I was kinda “meh”.

Then I sat for a moment in utter peace. And it hit me after a few minutes of this meditative state that I was in a bit of a trance. I turned on music and had been a song or two in before realizing.

I was in that state and decided to use it. Dropped into deep breathing in a few different patterns. Focused on third eye with my eyeballs and circled energy around my body as I can muster.

Realized I was dreaming of tunnels and slides. Navigating through the maze that moved before my eyes, dragging me along when I paused. Overtaking me each time I fought to change path.

Once, I turned off the correct path; thinking the other was better. Yet, I soon learned it was a bad path. Backtracked only about 20 feet, but the push was really hard to get back to the original path. REALLY difficult. It was like walking through waves on a beach, but the water was muddy.

But back on track the path needed lots of quick decisions. All left or right. But somehow easy to see. Easy to navigate after correcting the one mess up.

Had a few more strange meditation dreams.

Also a few DMT spikes while compressing air during the breathe training.

Anyhow. Topic changed. I’m gonna go chill. Everybody gone for church!

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