Shamanic Healing

R.E.M. Healing (Rapid Eye Movement)

The REM phase of sleep is the most restorative and healing portion of sleep. This is also where dreams are the most vivid. R.E.M. Healing uses the body’s technology by incorporating visual cues and eye movement to focus on difficult to treat ailments with precision. Within minutes, many discomforts will vanish.

NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming)

With NLP, you will discover how memories are stored in a holographic database that surrounds your body. These memories will show up as images. We can modify individual images to enhance an emotional association. Afterwards, the image is moved to a more desirable location. Results are quick and life changing.

Reiki (Shamanic Healing)

This form of energy healing is at the roots of all of my healing. This practice allows me to draw in energy through breathe and force it outward. Most of the energy comes through the palms and the effects are noticed in varying ways to people. Oftentimes, the sensation is warmth or heat, coolness, magnetic, tingly, or nothing. Also, using a feather and sweeping motions, we draw out negative energies that cause blockages and hold pain in place. Results are always amazing yet gentle.

Crystal Therapy

Gemstones are known to hold energy in many forms. They gather and release information through intentional usage. Used in location of the matching chakra, these crystals help to eliminate blockages and enable pathways of thought. The results are typically surprising. Used in conjunction with Reiki, results are great.

Shamanic Healing

This healing process began after I began an intensive training program focused on breathing. Soon, I could tap into my own and other people’s auras. With guidance and instruction from a few key teachers, I have become a Reiki Master & versed in several forms of energy healing.

In just two years, I have given around 400 healing sessions. 150+ are listed on my Facebook page. Please take a look and see all the smiling faces!

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