Kittens in my dream

Little kittens were at a house we were restoring. A friend offered $2,000 to draw house blueprints for a project that seems useless. The idea was to redraw the outlay of wood boards, but as we talked, I investigated and realized that a whole subfloor was beneath.

Removal of floor (which we did in minutes), added 2 feet of wall space. Giving 12′ ceilings. He still wanted a blueprint.

We ended up outside where we found a bunch of wild kittens. They were huddled in junk piles of stoves/ovens. The kittens scattered all around as we gathered them. Packed them in a vehicle.

I was driving, with a couple healer friends (all women), Mom was there at some point too. Had kittens everywhere, 3 in my arms but one kept stirring around too much, and a friend noticed that it was hurt. So I wanted to heal (Reiki) him, but was driving.

Scooting back, steering with feet, but unable to reach peddles, Mom steered the car while 2 of us healers felt with kittens, but we almost wrecked at a dead end street. *had to jump to the break peddle to halt the car.*

Then suddenly it was just me and 2 healer friends. We dropped off 1 lady, thinking to meet later, but apparently she just needed a ride home… no commitment.

The other stayed and we went onward. I awoke soon after.


Prior dream: the girl I been in love with for years showed up. But not many details. I awoke to an erotic-action and had to stop myself.

Awoke at 10:21am

Exhausted. Slept around 9 hours with 3 breaks. Feels like barely rested last night. *Awoke once around 4:41am. Came outside for meditation and prayers.

Back to bed with a crystal under my neck… a new one… Azurite-Malachite. It makes me really sleepy, really fast. I used it 4 times yesterday, waking to an alarm each time.

11:04am, Tues, September 3rd, 2019

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