Dreams on September 2nd, 2019

Just awoke (7:40ish am) from a line of maddeningly insane dreams. I will try to write them out.

On a note, I woke to see a blog post about a seer stone. This is the 3rd eye.

Dream 2, 1st:

I was with friends that I cannot immediately recognize. We were at a beach/bay location where the water is salty. I know this by noticing that eyes did not burn under the water as expected. The water was clean, clear, and pure though looked to be murky initially.

As we dived into the waters to examine objects that were spherical, wire-looking, spiraling balls & Mochi Balls (shaman stones). We dove, able to grab several at a time, but barely able to swim and had to drop most. Not even sure if one made it to the surface. The friend who dove with me was fearless and I was a bit scared of impending sharks that did not come near. The bay had boats in it, but no action or work going around them. We were late in the night. Swimming in the near nude, couldn’t go nude due to the group that arrived and not everyone wanted to skinny dip. I think I was fully naked, without care of others.

We emerged and began to head home, but my friend (distracted) wanted to detour to find a friend. I hesitantly joined him and watched the cellphone clock tick down until I was too late and had to leave them. This was after finding conflict at an upstairs house where the friend was locked away by his own brother.

We freed him from the location to have the brother (who locked him away) come out to harass us… that is when I left.

Before all this occurred, we roamed around the area searching for (I really don’t know what). The beginning of the dream is a blur.


Early in the night, around 3:33, I awoke from dream 1. It was pure insanity.

In an apartment complex, my 1st girlfriend, Brianne, was there. Leading up to this moment is a blur, but we were in a bed, ready for action… or I was. She was hesitant.

She revealed the reason: that she was pregnant, but did not want to say. She had not recently been intimate with me.

She showed her belly, which was contorted. Twisted like severe cramps were rolling around, visually, obviously, horrifyingly painful in appearance.

It freaked me out. I rubbed on her belly, unsure if this was in fact a baby.

(In reality, I always have a lingering idea that she was pregnant when we departed ways in our youth. She was married within a month. Had a child within a year with a new husband. Earily quickly. I’ve been plagued with doubt the entire time since. This has been around 21 years).

I said “we need to go to the hospital NOW”. She hopped down from the top of a bunkbed, where we layed.

Within moments, she had a knife in hand. She cut a line around her head. Easily slicing her skull and popped the top off, exposing her brain matter. The brain was a bit flat. There was white, milky substance along with pink matter. She was in a strange state, basically unaware of the issue.

I placed her dome back on her skull. She soon had grabbed a fork, acting like she would poke out my eyes, but it was not “her” doing it. She was unaware. We headed out to find the car and the vision ended soon.

But then, the dream morphed to an interaction with a stag deer. It chased us around, having a staff/flag between us. Trying to ward it off, but then it became joking. Not sure how exactly, but the mood changed dramatically. Ending the dream with goofy, comedy.

I have no clue what this actually means. But I still wonder if I have a child, unknown to me. I don’t think so, but I do, it plagues me.

9.2.2019, 8:50am

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