Progression of Drama within the Tarot

Wands to Cups to Swords to Pentacles.

[Page, 2-10, Knight, Queen, King, Ace]


Wands begins with the Page cloaked in orange, but the chest is yellow (with lizards), leggings are red, yellow boots, & a white hat.

The chest color is the outlook of the heart, yellow for ambition. Lizards show the repeated failure/success/new perspective that continually sheds and grows on that forward path.

The boots, forward motion, yellow to show a willful drive towards the goal.

Pants signify structure, red is based on a strong core, perhaps the loving, supportive family.

The white hat shows purity of thought with a bit of wisp of red feather.

The terrain is orange, showing that his world is engulfed with creativity in pursuit of finding a perfect place to plant the Wand.

The wand itself is fertile, sprouting new growth with ease. Ready to be planted anywhere with knowledge that it will grow in any condition.

His hair is yellow. Full of youthful vigor & pointed curiosity.

His clothes are neat & tidy. He is new to this harsh climate and dust has not even crusted his cloak.

2 of Cups


Cloak is full red to show dominance of the base essentials of life. The hat shows that his mindset is on becoming more successful in that area. But the remainder of clothing as orange shows willingness to be creative to bring better safety.


….not finished…

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