Shamanic Healing of Denver

Started a Meetup group, Shamanic Healing of Denver.

After a month of no luck on finding a place to use my spiritual gifts, I have begun the search for my own group.

The 1st meet was today at 3:33pm, Washington Park in Denver, CO. One guy showed and he received about 40 minutes of a healing session. Using crystals (moldavite mostly) & a feather along with hands-on healing.

He added a positive comment afterwards, so that’s cool.

Even still, he got there early and hung out with me and Jawn and listened to our unique & combined stories.

Then after he left, I kicked up a ten minute headstand and did some stretching a bit. It was really nice.

Since dude gave me 20 bucks for a donation, we managed to feast at Walmart. But I sure am sick of poptarts.

I want some curry, fried eggs, potatoes, onions.

Jeez, everything goes depressing on me.

Well, that’s what this thing is for: to clear my mind and release.


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