Energetic Outlook

Decided to look for an uplifting video before my business partner started his morning movie.

Watched an “energetic outlook” video for the week of June 23-29. Everything for me & him matches perfect again, with her. She has been coincidentally dead-on for 2 months of action.

Both good and bad type news. Is super frustrating but helpful to hear.

So much aligns from just yesterday, it’s silly.

Decided on a bit of breathe training while I sat to digest.

Had a couple psychedelic experiences after a couple minutes.

Crawled out from the truck. Sat back down & got a call for a lawn job.

Only 40 bucks to get. Sucks! It is great to get, but 40 ain’t much.

We heading there now.

10:40am, Monday, 24th June 2019

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