I have not been here in a bit.

I do believe that I may start writing on here again. But 1st, I will read some old stuff. See where my head was and how far I’ve come.

But as of now… I’m flip-flopping from Wow, this is Great! to I Hate Denver & wouldn’t mind being murdered in my sleep.

Which is possible because I sleep in parking lots under a tarp in the bed of my truck.

Yet it is very unlikely with a Marine combat veteran sleeping in the cab on a hair-trigger of restlessness.

As I write, clouds cover the skies while rain continues to tease. Bored of sitting and watching movies, much less through a cracked cellphone screen.

One knee in the sun…

The rain stopped…I’m gonna go outside.

This is the 28th day in Colorado.

1:29pm, Sunday, 6.23.2019

Denver, CO.

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