Unbeknownst To Me

I want to go back to the mindset of 5 months ago

It was a strange place to be. Difficult to imagine getting back to. But so worth it once you are there. I was lofty, following my will, letting anything happen that wanted to happen without pushing the limits, just following my feet as they moved and wondering how they achieved their balance.

Looking at one of the latests posts, from almost precisely 5 months in my past, the trip to the bank to open the account for Buzz Yard Services. The bank visit was the most intriguing visit to a bank that I had ever experienced, by far. But this had nothing to do with the transaction of moneys or finances. The collapse of a fellow who …..

jeeze, I don’t even want to continue to recall the story, I will jump to the thoughts in my head for now:

This day was the day that I left my healing journey largely behind me. Yet it was one of the most thrilling days of my healing experience. It was the experience that led me to Reiki. To finally allow myself to push into Reiki, or to accept it into my life. *On Sunday, I got my Reiki 1 attunement.* Yet there is a 5 month gap between the connection of thought and reasoning.

I almost had a tear pop out upon realization of this, but my body sucked it back in and laughed instead. I want to laugh about this stuff, not cry. It isn’t sad, it is wonderful to realize. The bank visit had setup the account to legitimize Buzz Yard Services, yet it was also a salutation to the job that I was leaving. Unbeknownst to me. I see now.

The Alz patient with delirious falls had come to me to show what I could do on the single day I had decided to continue on a different path. I had decided to pursue money in pursuit of the (same path) energy that could assist with my healing work or to assist in garnishing wages to pay for others to employ in a fashion that I had not even realized yet. Just to get things going. I needed cash. And it still feels fairly true, but it is a lie. Or a farce. The money is not exactly the concern for now… rather, the funds will come in some way to replenish the work of God. Which is what this is. I fail to use the word God, because it tends to bring about grand conclusions that the reader has not been explained. However, it needs to be expressed. I will continue on soon– because I know how this all comes out… It will be a circus of expression by the time I am done here as I tangentially explain my path.

Point shortened:

I lost my way on that dayI am here to get back On Track.

10:33am, 11.28.2018

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