I’m back! I think.

I cannot be sure about the fullness of this comment, but I am back to expand on my latest findings, but I likely will continue with most of it on www.achieveinnerair.com.

I also would love to organize that site a bit, as it is overly confusing. I only bought it so that I could write a book into it… which I did, but I also started writing several books at once, but did not fully finish them. they are more like 2,000 word documents that reveal the beginnings of topics.

Hopefully I can expound of the topics and relate more about what I have been up to lately. I had changed my path direly and now I am turning it back to the middle, back to the fine, wavy line of the Tao.

it is 9:48 am on 11.28.2018 and I plan to continue writing today. Perhaps all day long. we shall see. Thanks for looking at my stories and please check out my other website!


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