Two men walk into a bank; one man collapses…

What happens next?

First thing that was noticed as I sat there talking to the bank lady (who was setting up my checking account) was her looking over at the situation with concern.

I looked over to see a leg on the floor. All the tellers in their windows with their faces pointed in gasping exclamation. All stuck in motion with no action but wonder to how to treat their own situations. Do they get up and help?—are they allowed to move?—do they even have a clue how to help? I see the exclamations like they told me themselves.

I jumped up and walked over. The older man was the middle aged guy’s dad and he was lying on the floor—mostly held by his sweet son. Both named Joe.

He rocked and held him. The dad’s eyes were frosted over—glazed over, pointing upwards. His son calmly told him he was alright. Just relax. He talked nonstop and calmly; voice quivering.

I sat down to his side and put my hand on his stomach. He opened his eyes and looked up at me. Comforted by the stranger. I told them I was here to help and asked if wanted water, etc and by now a teller came out and fetched a bottle, then paper towels upon request. I sat with my hand on him.

Confused, slightly about my interaction initially, but very appreciated within moments of my calm approach. His father had opened his eyes fully and began to speak clearly. I just sat there and held his arm. Not much to do except to tell them I’m an “energy healer”. I’m just giving positive energy. I didn’t go into it much—no need. He turned around in minutes and began to get his wits and I decided to go back to the reason I came—to get a checking account.

I gave my phone number and said to call me. I may can assist with your needs. Who knows? I may get a call—it would be great but doesn’t matter.

When I got back to speak with the account manager, I fessed up about my technique. Showing off pictures and speaking of the miraculous results. She had a question about dejavue (I explained what to do in this scenario). The answer is basically: this is your moment to stop, look, think, & realize the situation around you…recognize when the last occasion you had a like-situation. Then change a variable or do the opposite that normally would be done. Better yet, realize and then use your insight to pick “a new path” for “the same situation”. Explaining how I figured this out—the situation that taught me this lesson. I told this story to explain. 

She got an answer she needed.

She also noted that when I touched the old man that his eyes cleared up a immediately. From the haze to clarity almost immediately. I did notice too, but claimed that I didn’t. Maybe she will call as well—for Buzz Yard Services or even for The Technique. She was very intrigued.

I returned to the situation after the EMS gave him an overview. They were sitting there, determining whether to take him — I’m pretty sure he never went; there was no need. I told them to call if they are willing. Wished them wellness.

What an interesting bank visit!

The man never collapsed before. A symptom of alzeheimers (spelling?). When he was still hazy, I heard him speak, “there were two entities this time”.

I want to know what this means to an Alz patient. 

6.29.2018, 9:15am, Friday

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