Another Day, Another Endless Option 

Stuck on the toilet on the verge of tears for excitement’s sake while thinking of my future in contrast to my past. So much has changed within ten months that the apex I’ve dreamed is within sight. 

Getting to the top does not sound difficult—only challenging and full of adventure and new happenings. Purely speaking my mind feels enough and that course is taking shape now with each moment. 

Culling a culture around my own imagination tries my entire will to keep trying and with success the progress proceeds and perhaps one more has joined the fold. Only time will tell and action must occur and that is the test that will determine. I am tired of rhetoric in the purest form because I need to see change or I lose interest. 

Showing my plans to a friend. The plans I’ve laid of the wide-ranging interests and business plans. Yet he declares that I “should focus on one (or two)—not twelve parts or twenty”. 

Yet that is how I am actually focused. I focus on the whole—the sum, the total. 

It’s noon. I now need to go focus on my training which induces qualities that I must earn in order to fully be listened to. I now see that my physical training has begun to in-turn hone my communication skills. Perhaps it’s presentation, or plain ole attractiveness, or maybe the spiritual connection increases with each training session and thereby allowing personal connections to flow smoothly. I dunno, but I need to continue because I LOVE THE RESULTS!!!

12:05pm, Friday, 6.22.2018

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