I keep re-updating the healing list

But I really need to create a gallery where I can post a descriptive story to each one. 

I am trying to find someone every day but haven’t actually managed, yesterday was (half of one) it still should work. I want feedback especially since he stopped himself within the procedure; I have doubts that it fully worked, time will tell yet i think he was a tourist anyhow and I won’t chance upon him again. I’ll text him and see, just in a moment. 

To the sauna in a second, shower and some quick stretching. Maybe I can tag somebody in here for a picture and healing. I want a hundred pictures by End of Year. That is less than one per day. 

Honestly, I want one of you random folks that read this to reach out and contact. I’m game for a road trip. We can knock out any old pain, stiffness, soreness, rigidity, etc. within ten minutes of our meeting. 

6.18.18, 9:13am, Monday 

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