Pictures that I have not managed to add to as planned. 

These people all were cured to some degree of various ailments. Mostly pain, stiffness, reduced range of motion, or discomfort. 

Of my estimated 32 patients, I’ve had a 100% rate of success. However, the benefit varies due to not-fully-understanding the exact reason that this works. 

Success only requires minimal change in conditions. By estimated percentage of talking about the before & after conditions, I have come to witness:

  • No less than 10% decrease in discomfort or pain
  • 80% of people saw decreases at 30-80% of initial discomfort or pain
  • ~15% gained a 96+% decrease in discomfort or pain 

The largest indicator of likely success lies in their belief in the process. But the technique works regardless of belief. 

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**the last two were both today!!

6.12.2018 22:22pm

Ernestine, the Water Lady added 6.13.2018 at miilion cups. 

Michael Cohen, with a goal to gain a medal at Worlds (weightlifting competition). Cured from persistent shin splints on Thursday, 6.13.2018. 

Ceri. My friend’s uber passenger. Friday, 4pm on 6.15.2018. Back pain when he moved a lot—no current pain to diagnose, but I will call in a few days for an update. 

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