Midweek update 

Today was great as was the whole week. Wrapping it up by telling my story to an ear I’ve wanted attention of & then a long walk around the City Market / Riverstreet area. 

However, a policewoman did harass me for lying on the grass in the park. whatever—at least she didn’t see the cannabis in my hand! That harassment is silly, but I passed it off like the cop on Tuesday. 

Dude was cutting off the intersection for the gas station while at the stop sign on Hodgeville Road. I pulled to turn and the cop rolled his window down (as if I wanted to speak—preposterous!!). I pointed. He ducked and pulled away. Me and my partner of lawn care laughed for five minutes over the look on his face. 

Cops are a bit arrogant on the streets. I’m sick if it. 

Anyhow, three days of lawncare where we passed out around four hundred flyers maybe. Though today, we were both too exhausted to do more knocking. A couple jobs completed. A couple lined up. It’s been fun in progress with a spirited worker. It’s daunting to do alone, but I also REALLY need to concentrate on the breathing program. 

It’s 11:43, I have only breaked for one hour today since 9am. Otherwise was social, working, training, or planning next work. I’m bloody exhausted and my legs will be cramping when I finally pull them down from this steering wheel!!!


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