Fantastic Day

Yesterday was pretty awesome. 

Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018. 

Met up with a tennis coach at 8:30am to be invited to the courts at 6pm to meet with team and establish a presence. 

I went on to the office to write out some plans and lasted an hour before there were events at the Labs. 

At 10:22 am, I decided to change plans and stay for the two presentations given by ATDC classmates. From the program that I dropped out. The presentations were not scheduled—that was the change of plans. 

This lead on to Joe Hanna as the ATDC presentation for the class. His class was great, informative. 

The session was a lunch and learn with tasty pizza. Talked with several folks after, this is usually engaging and interesting with new folks mixed with regulars. I made round to introduce to a new regular that I haven’t met. He looked like a possible son to a former coworker—like he could have been a young doppelgänger. 

I had Lu with me and we three talked until a fourth showed (the 2nd ATDC project presenter). We talked almost an hour standing before Lu invited them to my office area. Apparently I misread the situation early-on as I normally pull that move after ten minutes because the main room becomes a quiet work area between events. 

We moved to my co-share desk and wound up talking for about 3 hours! We separated with just enough time for me to stumble over the idea of finishing “a program for tennis”. There was no time to finish—I hadn’t even begun!!

By the time six rolls around, I am at the park to see that the tennis may just be beginning and not ending—giving me a duty to watch some tennis and see what I can about what they may need. 

I watched for a while and wondered off to do some stretching, headstands, & breathe work (my typical). I warmed up with what felt like an eight minute duration headstand. Then rolled around stretching and looked up to see a hippy-looking girl practicing Qi Gong. I watched for a couple minutes and returned to my own practice. 

Few minutes later and I was getting down from a headstand to look up and hear “Casey!?!” 

I waved—“Haha, no, I am walking over!”

Explaining how this unknown (to me) guy named Casey is my doppelgänger. I think I may have seen him before, but I have no clue for certain. But I have met at least a dozen folks whom initially thought I was this Casey. It’s funny—freaky almost. This has been going on for Six Months! 

This chick was awesome. There was a guy there also who barely gained my recognition but he did chime in once. He wasn’t quite on her level of serenity. I had to hastily end the conversation to attend to the tennis situation—my client texted “did you leave?” 

Upon returning to the courtside, I saw that the team was not wrapping-up. There was a man on the bench near me. I spoke with him—he was learning to read. He was likely in his fifties. He told me his story and we talked. During so, he told of his leg pain. 

I told him about my trick. It works 100% of the time. I guarantee. (This % is debatable—but is true)

I asked to sit beside him. I did the normal routine with minor changes. I always am updating and upgrading the system. But this time, I had to wrap-up quick because tennis actually ended. I got him to get up and see “how do you feel?”

His pain gone…confused, but happy. I snapped a photo of him holding the paper with the technique. (Edited, because I didn’t get permission):

Then had to quickly part. There is actually quite a smirk on his face. 

*i must hasten the story—million cups in twenty minutes and I’m at the park. 

Got a gameplan from the tennis coach. He wanted rehab advice. Also several instructional videos for warmup drills. At 3-5 minutes each. He introduced me to several of the team—aiming to get a list of their injuries. 

I wonder his reaction when he hears the results of my initial technique. I used the rapid eye movement trick and performed healings. I only had time for two folks. 

One from knee pain. 

One had miraculous results! Estimated 60 degrees increased range of comfortable motion in her right shoulder. Reduced pain in three distinct locations. Knee, groin, & shoulder—all injuries or overuse pains. She too was grinning for her picture. 

….I gotta go….the day didn’t end nearly yet. 

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