Another day, another dwadle 

Some random dude who definitely had problems. Sat outside my van, watching my YouTube video, then i let him inside the van as the gnats rained upon us. He talked all about his problems and when I broke out the paper for the trick he tells me of his knee pain. I now realize that i forgot to check to see if his pain is gone. I just want to know if his addiction lessons — if the trick will work on that. He could barely complete the process yet showed signs of surrender as if he had gained the slight hypnotic state as he spoke agreeably afterwards. 

Then on to the random meetup where i damn near bored myself until I opened the table to discuss their own interests. The lady who was very distracted in her head had livened up. And her husband became very vocal about his idea after having barely gotten beyond the simple, standard, idle small talk esque questions. He opened like a dam that burst when i asked him what project he wants to see. 

You may call me the Instigator. The Opener. I livened that experience; it was dry, dull, ending…before I asked two little questions. 

8:38 pm, Tuesday, 4.17.2018

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