chatter for ideas

This is purely so i can release my thoughts for a moment to begin to where i can let my fingers fly and to loosen them up. my neck is tight, i just did a headstand that felt like ten minutes. it was a long time for one long headstand at Forsyth. I will have to say I was watching two more people do their exercises. one was a gorgeous yogi(ess) who i see quite often now, the other was a barefoot dude, doing sprints and other stuff that could have been worthwhile. he attempted a strength based yoga exercise. but didn’t do much. i watched all while i did the headstand and thought about other stuff, i didn’t watch much. just here and there. i thought about the other stuff on my mind. what i could even write about, but more so on the last conversation. it is nice to hear the things you hear, when times are turning around for you, the confirmation feels better than the insight as it was proof of the original assumption. as to confirmation of the perceptions that i have created for myself and then to see the reality told back to me by a witness of the results. that is great. but as i almost stated, or already did state that it is better, it really is hard to tell. it feels nice now. but to say that it feels better is impossible, because without the original proposal of technique that lead up to the result, then you would never be able to confirm. but the confirmation is sweet, because it is the reward for attempting to prove a technique that i earnestly believe in.

aight, i may be ready. lots of typos there, but i have ignored the backspace for 50% of my mistakes. i need to write the book for pete’s sake and compile my thoughts so that i can then re-aim my direction towards the other fifteen projects in my head!

i will say, i plan to speak with a great-minded fellow on thursday. i need to cull my ideas so that i can look worth working with to him. i plan to hold a meeting soon, of at least three other (4 if possible) inspired folks. so that we can arrange the action to produce our desired goals. i plan to organize the setup of some of this arrangement. i have strategies in place as to how much of the structure will need to be setup and the drive, focus, and energy to make it happen. i just need to fill all the little spots in which need more research or detailed profession to fill the needs of the tasks, and gain the ability to raise funds quickly so that we can begin on the larger tasks to grow the businesses that we each aim to promote. For some of us, we really barely care to what business, but the ones whom i have spoken with and plan to bring on, all have good intentions and are not trying about their processes purely for financial gain. they seem to all want some peace of mind, because they have a fulfillment that needs to fill whatever void that they see around them. They want to fullfill a hole in their own self, because they’ve been wanting to find a job to find pleasure in and not of stuckness. i look forward to the upcoming times, with having opened myself up to opportunity at every moment. i see many possibilities and bridges that connect one to another, i aim to begin the web of mobility that i desire. the mobility to do as i please and as i do please







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