logistic unawareness

Just drove out to savannah to get to the office so that I could skip the traffic in the morning, but now I see that I have an appointment for noon in Pooler/Port Wentworth at the GA Tech Campus for the ATDC program. This one is a MUST as stated in the email, if you want to drive REVENUE. So, that is a main goal for me right now, but I had no reason to skip it anyhow. But that would have been pretty close to mom and dad’s house. however, I wouldn’t have noticed this email without checking the laptop… well i would very likely have checked the email, but i had been thinking that the atdc group meets on tuesday on not on monday, but maybe it also changes per week. i have no clue, i kinda just float along and hope that things work out. i haven’t done much studying of any literature for the program, as last year was a non-class week. an open week and i have just been busy doing my own dang thing — everything. but not making cash. i have been preparing the ideas of the structure so that the structure may be formed with ease. or at least with the planning that is certainly needed to bring together these goals, however, i feel lost as hell with the actual details, i need some real pros to ask questions and favors, and somehow trade my future worth with their investments of their time. oh what an intense time that i feel myself in, but how fun it has become along the way. i better get my butt to sleep, it is 2:00 am and i still plan to have a guy that should call me in the am, near around 9:30, to meet at the bullstreet labs so that we can speak about him wanting to do lawncare business… and unfortuneatley I cannot even put a face to the voice that I spoke to, but I am sure I will recognize him in the morning. and hopefully he will fit the role that I had initially hoped he could fill, we shall see. i must evade this keyboard for now, i will not–do not have the remaining extra time to write in my nonfiction book as i had initially planned. my taxes are finished, they were stupid, but they are finished, the return was nil. perhaps zero, but give or take, it was nil. a wash. but it is done. next year will be confusing, hellish, but i plan to have accountants deal over that nonsense anyhow. i have no care to deal with that nonsense. thanks mom for helping with the dribble, i hate that task and it really isn’t all that much. except for all the reading, if deemed to read. but i’m outa here for now.

2:04 am, Monday, 4.16.2018

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