Visitor Snacks!

I’ve got snacks for visitors to my desk now!

Some random lady, leaving the Labs, wanted to give away a huge box of these chips. Which happen to be very tasty. I barely even eat chips. So, nice score. I left them in the main hall for a couple hours but barely anyone grabbed them… They’re mine now!!

Just before I snatched that box up, I sat and wondered, I cannot recall if I have eaten since the day before yesterday. I have a good feeling that I did eat eggrolls at some point yesterday… very likely, but I cannot recall. I need to go get my nourishment of eggrolls soon. perhaps beside the foodlion, near game night. there is a chinese place. I am fiending over eggrolls these days. It was Honey and Bread, but now it is Eggrolls.

Obsession is weird.

I need to leave. I just wrote a partial chapter on Obsession and its use as my major or best tool of my arsenal of life. I am using that now in business. You will soon see the results, and it will blow your mind. I am excited.

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