another few pages down

nice to get things off of your chest. but it is also funny that these things, as I write about them, tend to come up in talk shortly afterwards. and then I get to say how I was just thinking over that topic. it is quite interesting how it occurs at times. I have so many topics come to mind to write about and then I take notes to write them out. but then I sit here, and my pad is in the car. but then I decide to write more on the other subject and yet I have to make it to the new topics yet. I have bounced around from topic to topic like a madman and I have yet to create a flyer for the Buzz Yard Services. But I may have managed to get that assignment passed to a friend whom may assist with the task as part of the jointed project. as a role of the team. I have spent my time in non-stop fashion of training, studying, or preparing in reaching my wide range of goals.

I am excelling in areas of fitness, business, and personal development by leaps and bounds. I have created many connections and have attempted to keep close to these new potentially wonderful connections. I have huge plans that I wish to enact and I feel that the group who will begin to form the structure for this empire is beginning to cull and it is a wonderful feeling to be within the eye of this forming whirlwind force.

A few pages done. Now I can continue on to a new topic. There is so much to speak about and I wonder how much I can cover to begin. I have no worry that I can fill many pages, but it still is daunting to think of filling several hundred pages without it turning into dribble rhetoric such as this about pondering about the task at hand. I plan to add business plans and structure and plans to structure my benefit-based profit generated corporation that has the potential to become a robust model for a charity based business without the burden of limits place on the non-profit association. I do not believe that I require a little loophole that places undue restriction on my exit strategies. I love the concept of increased range of freedom over increased “false” security.

3:59 am, BEDTIME!!!, Friday?? I thought yesterday was friday for most of the day and that Wednesday was both Wednesday and Thursday, how insane is that!!??!! I’ve been having too much fun. I am delirious!

4:00 am, Friday, 4.13.2018

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