Sticking point 

Thinking over avenues of interest and thinking of how deep to go with it all. I almost want to skim the surface, because to delve back into the research may add a couple days and I honestly just want to bang out something with some substance pretty quickly. I know if I skip the deep meaning for now, I can get back to that at the end. It probably would place better at a later chapter. I haven’t fully designed the setup of contents and that has already morphed a bit. On chapter 4. Busted down three quick ones as intro. I’ve put down a solid eight hours easily at the laptop. I do wonder how much that fits a legitimate size book; it’s not really lengthy as of yet. 

2:15 am, Wednesday, gotta be up in less than six hours again. Skipped the nap today. Was that today — when I meditated with a priest? Feels like yesterday. Long day. 

2:17 am, Wednesday, 2.11.2018

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