flat-out awesome

I have to just jump on here and say this fills flat-out awesome!

Not like this is totally legite, but I am sitting here in my little office spot, overlooking the view of 2222 Bull Street, while reading over a fellow’s resume.

Not like I can straight up hire the guy. He also wants to do the things that I aim to do. Such as start many businesses, get them running, and then run to the next opportunity.

I am so damned excited today. Just left the Forsyth park. Beautiful weather. Approached by a random girl who wanted to be taught a head stand. awesome. thanks, it feels great to have that attraction. I damn sure need it for these possibilities to come through.

Headstands, standing splits. My short regime. Fellow yogis out in the park, of more advanced level than me. absolutely gorgeous. out there, I stretched on the limbs of the trees, dangling from my hands towards the ground… as a near first time of getting a really great stretch with that technique, it worked wonderfully to stretch my shoulders and round-out the back…the location of my most concern, the lower right portion of my back.

Anyway, I decided to change route with the book. Skip the whole bible scripture break-down. That would have greatly slowed me down. But I may write it all up as well soon, but it is a maddening process to go through and read through the scriptures, while learning all new things in the process, then to have all the insights compiled and listed is just a nightmare, as they all overlap and work off each other and it is just silly really. The fact of the matter is that I can just mention a bit and move on.

It isn’t like I really NEED to break your religion. Even though, you really really need to start to realize how broken the concept is and that fundamentally, the stories are just stories written in such ways as to reveal the Truth that Jesus spoke of. Revelations is his book and the only book of concern if you want to live as Jesus. As Jesus came to not only be the example but to also FULFILL the original book… or law, but the part that no one seems to realize is that the original books are all metaphors that overlap with the same overarching principles that are to explain the many aspects of personality, development, and growth and then to the idea that once all these steps are passed through, then you are able to kill the original personalities and become anew.

You are ultimately a brother of Christ. You are a son of god as well. Jesus wants you to know that you are all the same and as such, that you are the same as Jesus, the son of God and that in that whole reasoning– you also are a Son of God.

Ultimately, that is the only description I need and that is also the reason that I am tempted to use my new saying, that I say often lately, because the ironic nature of the wording is hilarious with the knowing that I have of its meaning. That I am, “Christian As Fuck”. And I can explain as much as anyone wants to hear, but all this stuff really is best on one to one conversations. It isn’t like anyone needs to hear it from my texts anyhow, they need to hear it from someone else’s mouth, who also has gone through the transition of killing your old personality and becoming anew. To gain the new name and all that jazz. I have a name, I have a couple names that I call myself now. Because there is power in those names. But I have no reason to tell you for now. Those names, to me, have comedic effect at best or worst as my own living metaphor that I have found meaning to become as I have had it all along in my life, in the songs that I listen to, but then only at one moment that I realized the fullness of the meaning or at least to me.

1:57 pm, Wednesday, 4.11.2018

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