The book was a fantastic idea

If nothing but to put it down, all in one place. I can detail all my notes and theories, postulate upon my beliefs and put it out there to pass on to anyone intrigued by the message. For anyone in search of answers to the same questions that I always have had. 

To point out my grand intentions and just let it all (most) free to peruse. To look back on and study. Ahh but it does bring me back into some of those miserable moments, yet seemingly more so in notice of how difficult it was to initially experience and to recall connections to the events or mirrors of time and the repetition of the same mustakes in cycles of repetition. 

I have completed the initial three chapters which details the circumstances that led me up to realizing what my goals are to be and the peace of mind that has come through efforts of pure will and force of action. 

5:06 pm, Tuesday, 4.10.2018

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