This is Retarded

I cannot figure out why my video uploaded at such poor quality. It looked fantastic when I finished. Then I rendered, exported, uploaded to YouTube, and it looks like crap. It looks foggy.

Why does it do this to me? After struggling on this horrible program for half of a day, I barely have one video edited. I am happy to have a video done, but now it is now done and it angers me to no end.

Adobe keeps giving some error about a debug, but then there are no options, just hit OK. It’s like that stupid “Click Ok to Terminate” button in CATIA. The one that presses “my” button and entices me to toss the computer at the wall. But you can’t, or you’d be fired and now, I’d have to buy a new cpu. But this one is basically the cheapest cpu possible and I wouldn’t be at much of a loss. I still cannot do this. The laggy thing barely types now while I render my video. I am guessing that my typing ability is proper, but it is difficult to use becuase I use the backspace button so often, and then the cpu can’t keep up with my speed and doesn’t backspace when I am five words ahead in thought, ahead of the typing speed. It is quite silly.

I have to clear the room before long also. I don’t think I have the ability to await for the program to finish loading bedause there is an event coming into the room soon. And I have not purchased a ticket.

It is about time to RAGE QUIT and go to my next task. Maybe I will before it finishes, but I have a few minutes to wait. I cannot continue to keep typing, for this thing is irritating the total crap out of me now!!!

5:39 pm, Thursday, 3.29.2018

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