Don’t Worry About Me

It’s funny to me. Also, it makes me feel well. However, it is all unnecessary—the worry. I am quite fine. 

The decision to live by van was made after years of careful consideration. Having a situation that allows the freedom which it gives me was the final straw. 

I have turned this into a lifestyle, but even moreso into a study. My life is a study. I experiment and discover. Along the way, I have come to find many views of my peers in regards to this experiment. The typical reaction is worry. 

I appreciate your concern, but I am willingly participating in this situation. I am no victim. I love to see that new friends have surfaced and that they are concerned, but I constantly tell them not to be. I definitely don’t need a handout, I’ve support in that already, but I may call upon for your generosity before long—for grander reasons than to feed me or offer a shower. If you are willing to aid in this strange behavior, then you are likely to assist when that time comes ‘round. 

Thanks to all; the moments are heart-warming. More than you think and more than I show. Though in my scheme, I don’t want that support and I have dedicated myself to the cause and I WILL need your help with that. I would rather invest in our futures in that manner than to take your assistance now. 

3:07 pm, Friday, 3.30.2018

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